MVP Gold or 25,000 BA bonus miles?

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    BA just posted an offer of 25000 bonus miles for paid business tickets this summer.
    I have a trip booked. If I credit it to BA, I'll get my bonus miles but no status. If I credit it to Alaska, it will get me to MVP gold. I can't decide which one is more valuable. Opinions?
  2. Bay Pisco Shark
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    Are you a regular AS flyer? If so, or someone who regularly credits to AS, the 100% bonus is nothing to sneeze at, nor is the 72 hr UG window, and very importantly, almost every fee waived.
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    Hmmm... good question. Lots of factors to consider. Any other flying you will do this year? Consider the difference between MVP and MVP Gold. You do have until the end of the year to get there. Could you use those 25K bonus miles to book an award flight that you could use to get you to MVP Gold, without it being a wash? Let's say, maybe you could use some of those bonus miles, fly somewhere fun, and get to Gold? Just some thoughts from a newbie...
  4. Boraxo

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    Clearly it depends on whether you plan to fly Alaska much during the period that you would have MVP-G status. If not then just take the bonus miles.

    The more interesting question is the over/under on your anticipated Alaska travels. For example, if you have frequent AS trips or a few transcons planned and you normally fly in economy then the complimentary upgrades and 4 MVPG upgrade certs might be worth more to you than 25k BA miles. OTOH if you are close to a BA redemption threshold and you are ready to book an award ticket then maybe you should credit to BA. To be fair there are other ways to get BA miles (e.g. Chase card, purchase, etc) but not easy to get Alaska MVPG status except through a one-time status match.

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