Must be my week for weird ressie issues...........

Discussion in 'Marriott | Rewards' started by sophiegirl, Mar 16, 2011.

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    For anyone still reading FT, you may have seen a slight ressie glitch experienced over the weekend.

    Had another last evening -
    ... checking for weekend rates on which to use EEO's. did not sign in first. (never do, makes finding publically available rates easier, then can move on to member/other rates). found a SHO package, that was actually a good bargain, but was pre-paid and uncancelable after 24 hours. Hmmm - don't like those, so forget it.
    ...sign in. find same SHO package. identical except that the cancellation was standard Marrriot - but the rate was $20 more, with the non-canceable rate not available at all.

    No big deal, and it is worth $20 to be able to cancel it.....but I have never seen a package/rate difference like this for elite VS non-elite. And I am pretty sure I could have booked the non-cancelable and then added my MR number...

    Just thought it rather interesting....

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