Musicians stage impromptu performance on tarmac after instruments were banned from US Airways flight

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    Two musicians have staged a creative- and virtual- protest against US Airways after they were banned from boarding a commuter flight with their instruments.

    Nicholas Kendall and Zach De Pue were outraged when they were told that they could not bring their violins on board with them on Memorial Day.

    When they were refused entry to the plane in Charlotte, North Carolina because the flight crew would not let them carry the instruments on board, Mr De Pue started playing his violin furiously on the tarmac.

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    Thanks for posting, sobore! Wow! Given that the musicians performed on the tarmac, it appears that it was OK with the gate personnel that they bring their instruments on board the airplane, but they were prevented from doing so by the airplane's flight crew?
    A weird situation, but at least the baggage handlers got to hear a free musical performance! ;)
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