Murdered by Greed, corporate NYT writes factless wistful 747 reminiscence-air travel better now

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    To see how deep in the tank with Wall Street America's media is, you'd be hard pressed to find a better article than this today, a soothing walk down memory lane before hedge funds became first and customers last. Almost like a lampoon it does what the media has done relentlessly since the concentration of power in an aircartel: regularizes and normalizes it with a heavy dash of amnesia-aimed it must be said at millenials for whom it is hoped history is less than a couple of years ago. And it is all packaged in an air of inevitability as if, unlike other products and services, the trajectory of air travel has to be towards hideous. To top it off the story cagily suggests that replacing the imperfect big glorious bird with the newfangled product of contemporary air travel is a deal squarely in favor of the customer. Would even Pravda write such embarrassing drivel?
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