Multiple questions on how to best get a companion pass?

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    I'm seeking guidance on how to best get a companion pass beginning early Jan 2016. I have a lot of questions and will try not to get to far of base. Last month I obtained a chase Shapire card and placed $4700 on it. That along with adding my wife as a authorized user brings my point total up 52k adding in my 40k bonus.
    1. Question how do I get a southwest business card and its 50k bonus if I'm not a business owner. This card would roughly place me at 90k only needing 20k more.
    2. How do you time up getting you CP in early January so that you can take advantage for approximately two years
    3. Currently I use two target prepaid Amex card to load 10k monthly between the two as vehicles to accrue points. At what point will chase flag my account and shut me down. This allows me to loads he prepaid with a credit card and then pay off my card from prepaid account. I'm basically swapping gaining rewards points in the exchange. At what point will the credit card company shut you down.
    The second part of my initial plan is to continue to accrue points. Hopefully my points can offset the cost of my companions tickets and dent both my hotel and car cost. I'm hoping this method can help my wife take quarterly free weekend trips. I'm new to this concept and are in need of advice of how to best execute.
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    Points transfered from UR into a WN account will not count towards a CP. Sounds like you are MS'ing. If your spending habits are greater than your profile or you are buying more debit cards than your profile Chase will most likely shut you down and you will loose all UR points. The best way to obtain a CP is to be approved for two 50K cards and spend the balance on your WN cards.

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