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    There's an exhibit now in Terminal 1 of artwork (including sculpture, crafts, photography, mixed media, etc. (but no installations or anything with sound/light) by airport/airline/concession/TSA/etc. employees and their family members. Each type of project is divided according to professional, intermediate amateur, teen, and youth artists, with ribbons on the winners according to a jury. Best in show was won by a US employee. There are also forms available to vote for people's choice awards, to be announced when the show closes at the end of April.

    Through April, you can find the art on the wall on the gate side of the C concourse, starting after gate C3 and continuing almost to the SkyClub. One piece of art that I can't get out of my mind is a picture/sketch, perhaps in pencil, of a warped Darth Vader type mask, entitled "Storm Trooper" which was contributed by a TSA employee. Not surprisingly, many of the photos and pictures are from travel while many others feature aviation themes. Artists are identified by employer of family employee and employer (plus two volunteer groups, MSP Airport Watch and MSP Airport Foundation, of which the latter has employees too) with obvious different participation rates.

    The exhibit and awards seem to be organized and sponsored by Airport Foundation MSP although there is also a "The National Arts Program" logo prominently displayed. The exhibit has a Facebook page too, where people can also vote for their favorites.
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    Nice. I'm dropping in there in a couple of weeks. I'll check it out.

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