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    Firstly, let me say I absolutely love the information in this forum. I had dabbled a little here and there on my own trying to secure status and business class travel etc. But when I recently discovered this forum, I was so thrilled at the amount of information on all the topics that I've been wanting to learn about. I've already used the information from here to become HHonors gold and was upgraded to a suite at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and got other perks. Thanks to all the founders and contributors.

    Back to the reason of this post (my first) - recently, I signed up for the Trial Preferred Gold program with US. I thought I'd easily make the 15K required during the challenge because I had a trip coming up to Asia, which is now not possible. Now, I think I've already received benefits more than the $400 dollars worth that I spent for the trial status - upgraded 2 tickets to First Class each way PHL-ORL (for a family trip to Disney), utilized Gold status to upgrade other members without having to pay for any upgrade fees, free baggage and paid only $172 instead of $380+ as fees on 2 business class award tickets for my mom and nephew from BOM-EWR-BOM.

    So after experiencing some of the benefits, I would like to try and keep the status if possible and hence, was planning on making a couple of MRs within US. I am close to PHL. From reading this NG I understand I need to fly on US Metal and not on *A partners to get credit.

    I am trying to find a fare from PHL or an airport closer to PHL. I think with 3 stops (so that gives me 4 segment credit each way?). I've seen a 439 PHL-DCA-RDU-CLT-MIA-CLT-RDU-DCA-PHL but it's mid week - I would ideally not like to lose more than 1 workday.

    So any help in finding a MR would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to MP!

    I am not a frequent MR'er but generally flying midweek (Tues/Wed) will result in cheaper flights and perhaps Saturdays as well.

    A good tool to use to determine mileage credit is You can plug in multi-leg trips between airports and it will do the math for you. If you are trying to qualify by segment then you can do the math more easily - except don't forget to add in your status bonus (that goes for miles as well).

    Good luck!
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    Recently, a flyertalk member BryanIAH created his own blog at mileagerunning [dot] com. That might be helpful to you in constructing your MRs. He also has a nice post on how to search for possible MR low fares using the ITA matrix search tool. Additionally, you should check out MilePoint's own Scottrick. He has his own blog at hackmytrip [dot] com, which has a series of posts on how to use ITA. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the resources and leads. I have a business trip coming up where I need to maximize my miles and acquire as many EQMs as possible. My work travel has been cut drastically.

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