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Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by wnybrat, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Short 7500 from Platinum on United. Home airport EWR/LGA/JFK. Any ideas?
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    1) If you have the time book a run by watching "the flight deal" (google it, I can't post links). With the holidays coming up there won't be a ton available, but a pair of domestic runs, a straight-shot round trip to Europe, or a South American run could cover that, it's all about when you're free and what fares are cheap.
    2) While it probably won't get you all the way to 7500 look at your existing travel and see where you can stick in a same-day change. They wreak havoc on upgrades, but if you have already booked EWR-SFO and sdc to EWR-ORD-SFO, and then in ORD sdc to EWR-ORD-IAH-SFO you can throw in a lot of extra miles. It's nothing to count on (unless you have a high fare bucket on upcoming flights) but if you see a lot of opportunities coming up you can hope to hit a few and plug in some minimum number of miles gained for your calculations.
    3) If you don't have the time for either of the above your last option is premier accelerator. This gets a bit expensive, but it gets you to PP without extra time on a plane. If you have an upcoming flight that's appropriately sized for this use it, but you can also buy a refundable ticket wait for the accelerator miles to post, and then cancel the ticket. Some like to do this with non-refundable fares using the 24 hour window... but then you've canceled your flight before miles post.
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    It will be hard to do 7,500 miles on a single pure US run. If you can take off on December 10/11/12/13, you can do same day turns from NYC - SJC/SMF/BUR for under $260. Those will give you anywhere from 5,200 - 6,000 miles depending on routing. Then on 12/14 (Saturday), you can do LGA-IAH-MSY same day turn to get the rest for $218.

    There are other options that can be done in one shot but will involve either international (and those usually requires 3 day turn minimum) or going to Hawaii for ~650ish.

    Hope this helps.
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    ANC is another option in the $550-650 range.
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