Most youngsters active on FB, ignore co-passenger on flights

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    A whopping 93 per cent of youngsters do not like to communicate with the person sitting next to them on a flight, though most of them are activeFacebook users with long lists of friends, according to a global survey of air travellers.

    Only seven per cent liked to communicate with the person next to them on a flight, a latest study carried out by the global airlines' body IATA has shown.

    Interestingly, it adds that nearly 75 per cent of these youngsters -- aged between 18 and 24 years -- were active Facebook users with an average of 120'confirmed friends'.

    The "most frustrating" part of air travel for passengers was the queuing time for security screening, with 51 per cent considering ten minutes to be a reasonable time and not more.

    The air travellers were also disgusted about removing shoes, belts and other personal effects and, therefore, 73 per cent of those surveyed showed willingness to share personal background information with governments in order to speed up security screening, the Global Passenger Survey 2012 showed.

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    That's great! That means the next little bugger sitting next to me on a flight will leave me alone! :D

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