Most of the (new) Glitches on appear to be fixed

Discussion in 'Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards' started by HPN-HRL, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    It looks like the last of the major website issues with the new roll-out of RR2.0 have been fixed. You can now see your upcoming trips and book CP tickets online.

    Of course, there are still lots of minor issues...
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    On FT it's like somebody died. A bunch of screaming and carrying on led by somebody with a grand total of 14 posts.

    My God... I saw the cutover date a couple of months ago, made a note to myself not to fly WN this week, and went on about my life.
  3. Totally agree!
    I've been getting indigestion just reading some of the comments from the new dykwia crowd over there.
    I also expected glitches with the new system and planned accordingly.
    If I see the term "epic failure" one more time I will scream! [​IMG]

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