More updates to the United ExpertMode+ Extension

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    Not that I can rally blame United Airlines for making changes to the code on its new website – there are still plenty of little bugs which need to be resolved – but the changes do wreak havoc on the ExpertMode+ browser extension I’ve built. A couple times in the past month those changes have created uncaught loops which would cause a browser to be spectacularly unhappy if the script is running. Oops.

    More details, more easily visible in the latest version of ExpertMode+

    The latest update, v7.2.1, is now available from the Chrome Store or direct download and addresses the most recent changes from United and also updates the UI to be more Flyer __ Friendly, in large part thanks to contributions from a few others on FlyerTalk. Most notably, the newest version now extracts the specific, interesting fare buckets and displays them in the search results without needing to have all the details expanded. You can still expand, of course, to see more information but this is a good hybrid compromise for sharing useful bits without consuming too much screen space.

    But, most importantly, if you have a prior version installed it definitely needs an upgrade or things will get ugly in a hurry.

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