More Rewards. Just for You. Why me?

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    I just received this email. I am MR Silver with 2 two-night stays so far this year and about 8 more nights booked. Anyway, I was wondering if everyone gets this email or if this is more exclusive, as it claims. If it is more exclusive, why was I selected? Any experience with these deals?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    More Rewards. Just for You.

    Dear DCA1K:

    We greatly appreciate your loyalty and have selected you
    to be part of a small group to receive special exclusive
    offers this year. Whether traveling for business, weekend
    getaways or dream holidays, we hope you enjoy our
    program's many advantages as much as we enjoy having
    you as a member.

    We're always working to bring our membership new
    benefits this year. In addition to benefits enjoyed by all
    Elite members, we'll provide a small group of members
    special exclusive offers. Because of your loyalty and
    commitment, you are a part of this select group.

    Throughout the year be sure to look for your exclusive
    offers through the mail, email and online at



    Ed French
    Senior Vice President
    Marriott Rewards
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    This sounds like it could be some sort of a marketing experiment.
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    Rock for me on this offer..

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