More intuitive way to attach pics?

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    Hi all - noted earlier in other threads, thanks to Gargoyle for sending me here.

    I've always been miffed at FT because it's difficult to upload pics, and of course in 2011 and Web 2.0 world, pics and video are considered to be absolute musts.

    Here at MP, I asked around and was told that uploading pics is "easy," but it still wasn't, as least for me. The icon in the message toolbar requires code - and if MP intends to be as user-friendly as it says it wants to be, you really have to eliminate steps and code.

    Then Gargoyle alerted me to the "Upload a File" button. Yay! I missed it because the button says "Upload a File," which I simply assumed meant an attachment like a document, not an embedded pic. If I didn't make the connection, chances are many hundreds or thousands of MPers won't either.

    So, I'd suggest a couple of "enhancements" if they're feasible:
    --Change the "Upload a File" label to "Upload File/Pic" or some such.
    --Better yet, make an icon in the message toolbar for this.
    --Oh and, if you haven't already, specify a max file size for pics.

    I'm ecstatic that it's much easier here than at FT to upload pics directly from one's hard drive...but I think you can make it even more intuitive.
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    A number of people have corresponded with me or made posts commenting that the "upload a file" button was not at all intuitive- they didn't realize that also meant "upload a picture". People think of files as documents, spreadsheets, etc; they don't apply the word "file" to graphics. Perhaps use the term "upload an attachment".

    Also, prior to uploading, it needs to put up a notice of maximum file size. There is a max size, I believe about 1 mg, but that isn't announced. People instead try to upload larger images (not a good idea anyway) and it simply fails without explanation.

    I've used other sites where the upload window lists specific max kb and pixel sizes.
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    Thank you both

    Would never have known

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