Missed Media Story 11,000 who allowed the aircartel foxes into the Amtrak chicken coop?

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    Amtrak taking a nosedive service wise with overcrowded, dirty trains and new, uncomfortable, narrow plastic seating so crappy if you didn’t know you’d automatically whiff the strong scent of the aircartel/Wall Street. (Oh yeah and rewards based on revenue, which is quite divisive for a quasi public service and has gone on unreported). And guess who the new Amtrak honcho is none other than the former CEO of that serial consumer assailant: Delta-a direct competitor along with United and the other odious majors. In the pre corporate media days we would see some investigative reporting delving into the obvious conflicts, the steals and deals that may be underway, and the likelihood that Wall Street is salivating at the possibility they can turn US rail into the sack of s—t they created on the rails in the UK. For no matter how awful the English national team is, no matter how incompetent or inept the government is, nothing will come close to the visceral hatred people have for the gangsters who control rail service on that island. And just like the air cartel, they appear to have greased what needed greasing so as to be untouchable, their service a daily affront to decency and an insult to democracy. Sound familiar, air travellers?
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