missed connection, paid for 2nd leg, clean mess-up...

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    would like some real advise, as this is the first time this ever happened to me (and guess I should consider myself lucky for that).

    SFO-NRT-KIX-SFO on UA/ANA - 3 People (2 Paid Business, 1 Award Business), 4 hour delay leaving SFO based on busted entertainment system (ergh, just get there on time, who cares about TV :)). So Maintenance was the reason.

    We arrived at NRT at 7.15PM 4 hours delayed and found out no more NRT-KIX flights on ANA leaving from NRT so they rebooked me and companions on 9.30pm from HND.

    it takes 80-90 min to get to HND and by 7.30 when we got tickets and suitcases I was trying to explain to a Japanese united rep with bad english (and way too many people in his queue for him to focus) - that there is no way I can make the bus, make it to HND and have time to:
    a. Check my suitcase
    b. Make the flight.

    I called up United and the guy on the phone says he knows tokyo well and there is nothing i can do and he agrees I will never make the flight. The last thing i wanted was to spend 2 more hours going to HND and find out i missed another flight.

    I found out there is a low cost company called Peach (think southwest) flying that night at 9.30PM from NRT to KIX, but United wouldn't book me on that flight because they "don't do business with them". Which I Get (again, southwest example).
    I asked the united rep if he thinks i have a shot at getting a refund if I just go buy the Peach tickets (~$400 for 3 people total) and he says "yes, because the reason for delay was maintenance".

    I asked the united rep make it that my travel reservation doesn't disappear on my KIX-SFO return because i'm missing the NRT-KIX and she said no problem. However - I never got the miles deposited for the flight or a record i took it. Assuming it has to do something with me not completing the 2nd leg and she not fixing it properly. I do show the last leg of the reservation still valid so here's hoping I have a way to get home/

    What's the right way of having a chance at that $400 i paid Peach, miles credited to the SFO-NRT and a candy bar for the trouble? (last one optional)

    Thanks All!

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    Pretty slim, it's Ana's obligation to get you to Kix. If the only option is the next day then that's it. If you reject that option and buy your own tickets it will be very difficult to get reimbursement for those tickets.

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    Nothing that happened should affect the OP's getting mileage credit for the purchased tickets into the FF accounts of the passengers for the flown SFO-NRT segments. In fact, it should be easy to get ORC for NRT-KIX.

    OTOH if the issue about getting miles credited refers to a refund of miles for the NRT-KIX segment on the award ticket, it isn't going to happen.
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    Not entierly. As the delivering carrier it is UA's responsibility to make the customer whole on a missed connection. That is rarely a great move at outstations where the partner has a full hub operation, but the onus was on UA to fix the OP's situation.

    If UA got the OP to NRT too late to catch the connection then they should fix the situation. That doesn't necessarily mean buying a cash ticket on another carrier they don't have an interline agreement with; it could mean requiring the overnight or HND shuffle. But UA is definitely still on the hook in some form to the OP.

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