Mispelling on US (and Partner) Award -- What to do?

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently booked a multi segment international itinerary with US miles involving some flights on US metal and flights on non-US metal (LH and LX). The final destination is India.

    After ticketing, the agent mentioned a spelling mistake in my first name (a "g" became a "d"). That affects me and my spouse (her middle name is my first name). I asked the agent to correct the tickets, but he said that this was not possible. He added that he did not think it would be a problem and that he put a note in my PNR noting the mistake.

    Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Is it likely that we would be allowed to fly with these mistakes in our reservations and boarding documents? (I was able to fly to and from India previously on a paid Emirates ticket despite a similar misspelling of my first name but that was about 2 years ago.)

    If I call back is there any chance I can find a sympathetic agent to correct the mistake? (I'm only a silver with US so I don't have a lot of status.)

    Or is it better to cut my losses (i.e. the taxes, ticketing fees and mileage redopist fees) and see if I can put together a new itinerary?

    This is a most distressing situation, and any advice that you all can offer would be greatly appreciated!
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    If this was booked on the phone and the agent made the mistake, then the airline should correct it for free in a way that you do not risk losing your award space or seat assignments. This is very different from you misspelling your own name on the website when booking and it's also different from a legal name/ID change after ticketing. I would escalate this rather than risking a problem, although it will surely be frustrating to do so.
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    It's a little bit hard to give a definitive answer without seeing the actual correct spelling and how this was spelled. But in general I wouldn't worry about it, there are slight misspellings on tickets all the time. Check in online for your boarding passes for an added layer of comfort.

    Contra MSPeconomist, I don't think US AIrways will be able to fix the name on the ticket of a partner award. If it was their own ticket, sure. But it would truly take moving heaven and earth to escalate things high enough with US Airways to get a truly empowered person to work with an equally empowered person at Lufthansa and Swiss to correct the error.

    If this was US Airways' mistake, I imagine it will take somewhat less work to get them to cancel the award, redeposit the miles, and refund the taxes without penalty.

    I'd only do that AFTER I put a new replacement award on a 3-day hold. So if you can find an award you're equally happy with, hold it, then get US Airways to cancel/redeposit without penalty, and go back and ticket the held itinerary.

    But again, and without seeing the actual misspelling, I do see minor errors on tickets all the time which do not interfere with travel. Yours may well be one of those.

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