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    I hate the new Priority Club website!!!!! It is misleading and processed booking incorrectly causing me grief.

    I tried to book IC BKK Bangkok for 1 room for 1 night at the end of this month, when I first booked at PC.com the Bangkok Super Saver Rate included breakfast for 2 in the rate description (5199 Baht) which is non-refundable. I proceed to book it.

    Somehow PC.com booked me for 2 rooms instead of 1 room, and the rate description changed to not including the free breakfast!!!!!! Yes i did check it on the final page before confirming!

    Initially when I saw the final confirmation, I noticed that they booked 2 rooms instead of 1 room, PC wants to charge me 2 rooms for it!

    I immediately called PC, and the PC CSR called the hotel to fix the 2 room issue and it was fixed within 10 minutes.

    Then I noticed the rate description no longer included breakfast. I called PC again, there was another PC CSR, who used the standard line saying that "the rate does not include breakfast etc etc etc". I asked them to speak to hotel. CSR proceeded to put me On Hold, and said that the hotel indicated that the rate did not include breakfast, and again used the standard line, so I told them that it not the hotel issue, but PC issue where they had changed with rate description at PC website. I asked them to put me through to supervisor and they put me through to another line only to get "sorry our office is closed, please try again later, please proceed to answer the automatic survey ....."

    Of course, now when I try to look at PC.com that the rate description does not include breakfast, so there is no way I can get evidence in PDF form to "prove myself".

    From the booking to my writing of this is about an hour, and now I have to chase up PC to fix their issue.

    I have been with PC since 2002 and generally happy with them, and have been trying to stay with them whenever I can. But since their new website upgrade I had nothing but troubles with them.

    Can anyone advise what I should do apart from trying to calling PC service centre again?

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    so, it wan't just me......
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    most of the time after I finished inputing all my info , it goes into Thinking mode and then instead of displaying all the Hotels and their rates it simply ends up back at the Home pg and I have to put the info in all over again only to end up once again at the home pg

    Dont know why they had to play with the site it worked great under the old one
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    I had this exact same problem because I had not set my browser to allow cookies for the PC website. After fiddling with the settings, the problem went away. Perhaps that's the issue you are having as well? Perhaps not.

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