Mini Review: My first two flights with SQ

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    This week I flew FRA<-SIN->FRA on SQ 25/26. I flew in J on the A388. I had 14F and 20A. Some brief thoughts:

    1) If possible, get the window single seats. If you're in the middle two seats, don't miss the divider that's sorta tucked away in-between the seats. It's very helpful.

    2) Avoid the first row of each part of the upper deck cabin. It's adjacent to the big curtain separating the cabin from the galleys and lavs. Very very busy and noisy.

    3) The seats were dated. Yes, they're huge - GREAT for broad folks. But they're leather-covered, and they've gotten a lot of wear. They need to be replaced soon. My boss flew on SQ this trip for the first time, too. He's a small guy. He noted that Delta and other similar types of airlines had a better seat for him because it wasn't so big. That was odd for me to hear, but I'm a big guy, so Delta business class seats are cramped for me (just like many airlines' J seats).

    4) The service was exceptionally personal. Top notch in many ways. I do not like, however, that they do not respect you dozing off before a meal service. They woke me (calling me by name and actually shaking me) before each meal service to find out what I wanted. The "do not disturb" light button which I activated was ignored.
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    Funny how experiences can vary even within the same carrier. One of the things I still remember vividly since I'd greatly appreciated it at the time was being in J on a SQ flight from SGN to SIN, falling asleep before dinner was served, and then waking up on my own a couple of hours later before landing, and realizing that not only had the FAs let me sleep through dinner, one of them had even thrown a blanket over me while I was asleep, I guess to keep me from freezing as the cabin was rather chilly...;)
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    I just purchased today my first flights with SQ as well. Flying SQ 25/26 but the JFK-FRA-JFK route in J. I will report later my experience.
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