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    I have 978,000 miles on American (historical) and I do not know how many on US Air (they don't seem to keep the history). I am a million miler on United but would like to get million miler status from American and begin using American more. Is there an approach to American about matching my United status that makes sense given 1) just 22,000 short on American and 2) I am sure I have some historical mileage on US Air? I would appreciate your guidance.
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    Given that US/AA haven't merged or integrated yet, I don't see them giving you credit for US miles. If you're that close, why not just wait until they're integrated and they push the US miles into the AA account (or whatever process they use). Won't the integration itself push you over the threshold?

    Have you called US to see what your lifetime history is? Even if the website can't give it to you, I'd imagine they could tell you.
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    A status match and 1,000,000 mile match are two very different things. I would expect you to be able to get a status match relatively simply, matching million miler status won't happen unless and until the merger is complete and you happen to have 1,000,000 miles between the two. You're likely to fly the needed 22,000 miles before that actually happens though.

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    Hi Rosalita, and welcome to MilePoint.

    While past performance is no indicator of future performance, once the dust settles, and the USAirways account is merged with AAdvantage, there's very real possibility that your USAirways miles may count toward MM status.

    When AAdvantage absorbed TWA's Aviators program, miles earned in TWA's Aviator's program counted towards MM status on AA.

    However, this occured prior to the change in the AAdvantage program that only actual miles flown count towards MM status.

    Again, it could happen, and if history is any indicator it probably could. However, AA is slowly trimming the number of elites with the elimination of "soft-landings" as well cutting the free status that was frequently given out like candy via targeted promos. So this may mean that your USAirways miles won't count towards MM status on AA.

    In the event that Dividend Miles counts towards bumping up MM status when Dividend Miles and AAdvantage Miles are earned, there's a very real possibility that AA may only honor miles that were earned on US when actually flying.
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    They will not give you credit for the 22k, but you certainly get a status match. There are some very cheap fares to China that will almost get you the 22k on one trip. If you add a short domestic flight you will probably spend under $1200 in total to get there.
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    Remember, though, million-miler on AA gives you only lifetime Gold status, which is Ruby on One World (roughly equivalent to Silver on United). No access to domestic clubs, etc. You do get some free luggage check-in (but not quite as good as having a Citi AA credit card where three of your fellow travelers also get one piece of luggage checked in for free).
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    Dear Rosalita, If you wish to start flying American, you should forget about MM status and instead take the Platinum challenge, which will be a lot more useful. The MM status you'd reach anyway in due course.

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