Military Pet Charity to Hold First Fundraiser

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    When active military members have to attend boot camp, training events, or deploy, what happens to their pets? Friends or family may provide temporary help, but even in those situations some of the pets end up at the pound. Imagine doing a 2-year tour overseas somewhere then returning home to find out your dog was euthanized at a shelter because your friend "couldn't handle" the dog anymore.

    Enter Dogs on Deployment (DoD), a charity started in 2011 by two active military members who are also married. The charity allows military members to post their pets on a website with the animal's picture, details, and the time they need their pet cared for while they're away. Members in their state or area (and sometimes in other states) can volunteer to board the pets until the soldier comes home with supplies paid for by either the boarder or the charity. Boarding times can be as short as one weekend to as long as two years or more. This service is especially helpful for those with dog breeds prohibited from living on bases. So far they have successfully "deployed" 300 pets.

    DoD is holding its first fundraiser in Santee, CA on November 22nd. I won't be able to attend but wanted to share in case someone else might be interested. If you know a soldier with a pet, please let them know about DoD. Military service doesn't mean having to give up your pet.

    More info here.
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