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  1. Miles, or I should say most miles and hotel points are terminal. They expire. This article discusses the three types of miles when it comes to their expiration policy.
    The three categories of mileage expiration policy are:
    • Term limited
    • Renewable
    • Non-expiring
    Term limited:
    As the name suggests, these miles expire at a fixed time from the time you earn them. This time period is typically three years. Airlines from Asia, especially Far East Asia seem to favor this expiration for their miles. For example, I have some miles on ANA (All Nippon Airlines). They have a three-year mileage expiration policy. If I don't use them, my miles expire this October. Period. They cannot be revived.
    Most airlines follow this policy. The day this works is very simple, as long as you have some activity in your account every cycle, the expiry clock resets to a new cycle. A typical cycle is 18 or 24 months, which means that as long as you have some activity in your every 18 month, your miles will not expire. Earning or redeeming miles both qualify as 'activity'.
    These are the best. They never expire. Most credit card points are non-expiring. Of all the major Airlines out there, only Delta Airlines has non- expiring miles. They recently introduced this policy. One can only hope that other airlines will follow suit.
    What's your policy?
    As someone who earns a lot of miles, it is critical to protect what you have earned. This requires you to know what is the mileage expiration policy of the airline or airlines that you are collecting miles on. The worst situation to be in is to earn all the miles and lose them because of expiration. I would suggest that you visit the website of each airline program you are earning miles on or call them, to verify what their mileage expiration policy is and when your miles are going to expire. And more importantly, how can you keep them from expiring.

    - The UnRoadWarrior
    UnRoadWarrior is an Airline Mile and Hotel Point expert. He has his own blog - that he owns, edits and contributes to.

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    Rather than visiting every site out there to verify the rules, why not just load all your accounts into GoMiles and let them handle the monitoring for you? They also provide tips to keep accounts alive as they near expiry.
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