Miami-Dade Metrorail Opens New Airport Station And Orange Line

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    Miami International Airport passengers won’t have to hail a cab, catch a bus, or call a friend to reach the Magic City anymore. Starting Saturday morning, MIA travelers can grab a seat on the Metrorail’s new orange line, the first addition to the 28-year-old transit system, at the new Miami International Airport Metrorail station.

    “People who are coming in for business trips... can come with their luggage directly to Brickell or the downtown area,” Irene Ferradaz, public information officer for Miami-Dade Transit, told HuffPost Miami.

    From MIA, the new 2.4-mile orange line will travel east to Allapattah, the first of 16 stations, and then move southwest to Brickell, Coconut Grove, and University of Miami, before ending in Dadeland South. The line is open from midnight to 5 a.m. daily and costs $2 to ride.
    The three-year project cost $5.6 million, funded mostly from the People’s Transportation Plan, a half-penny tax voters approved in 2002. Meanwhile the Florida Department of Transportation contributed $1.1 million to the new line.

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    The Metrorail joke continues. President Reagan called it a billion dollar white elephant.

    With the new line you still need some mode of transportation from the station stops to your ultimate destination. I do not see how this benefits business travelers. There is still no decent mass public transportation to Miami Beach or to Northern Dade County. The only good thing about this line is that it provided construction jobs.
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    I grew up in Miami, and with a combination of MetroBus and MetroRail, I was able to get around pretty well. Granted, the options are limited, but it's much better than having nothing out there. I was able to go from Kendall to downtown much faster than on US 1, for example, and once downtown Metromover did a great job of getting me where I needed to be. Having an airport link would have simplified my travelling significantly.

    I think this, combined with a metromover spur to the Port of Miami, would provide a good link for cruise tourists to get to their destination. With an airport link, more future options become viable from a ridership perspective.

    Of course, I'm also an avowed lover of public transit (particularly rail), so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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    Interesting.. how about taxis?? and how many business travellers are going to Miami Beach?

    Like everything about Miami and MIA there is always the need around these parts to complain. Metrorail is not perfect but at least the authorities are trying with limited resources and a public (and this applies to US in general, .aversion to public transport .. witness the LA rail system)

    As to Ronald Reagan he might have been averse to " wasting" money domestically but he had no problems spending billions in a covert war against Nicaragua now did he? ( including illegally mining their harbours)

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