Miami Airport Shortens Queues with Self Service Passport Control Kiosks

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    Passengers at Miami International Airport can benefit from shorter queues in passport control thanks to new self-service passport control kiosks from SITA.

    The new kiosks can process passengers in less than two minutes, compared to longer waits for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent during peak travel periods.

    Maurice Jenkins, Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications, Miami International Airport, said, “Our aim is to provide excellent service to our passengers. During the Thanksgiving holiday period, we are expecting more than 900,000 passengers to pass through MIA. SITA’s kiosks are reducing wait times and making arrival in Miami faster and easier for international passengers.”

    All U.S. passport holders and returning Canadian passport holders are eligible to use the new kiosks, which partially automate the inspection process for people entering the United States.

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    Thanks for sharing, sobore! Wow! This sounds like Global Entry for everyone! :)
    And MIA can use all the help that it can get to speed passengers through it's terminals!
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    700 why did I spend money and time to be approved for GE? :confused: A fool and his money I guess?
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    Add me to the 'fool' list. I just recently got my GE and haven't even had a chance to use it yet. Considering I live in South FL, maybe I should have just waited. It seems like anyone and everyone will have GE and PreCheck soon. Oh well, the 'exclusivity' was nice while it lasted.

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