MIA Global Entry Meltdown 25 August 2015

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    This morning at 04:00 as the many flights from South America and Europe began to arrive all the Global Entry kiosks went out of service. The first person to arrive when Immigration opened at 04:00 was Mrs. jbc. There was only one kiosk operating so all the GE people, including me, quickly formed a queue behind her. When she extracted her clearance slip her kiosk also went out-of-service.

    The real oddity is that when I began to make this post I noticed my last post on MIA Immigration, which was September 24 of 2014. Possibly this may become an annual event. I hope not.

    This morning we still were permitted to use the GE exit queue, thus saving a few minutes. Further, Immigration people were handing arrival cards to all the GE members as they entered the kiosk area. The handling this year was much batter than it was last year.
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