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    I've noticed some weird things happening with MH seat maps and booking classes recently. MH2 on 25 Dec 11 is showing all seats in business unassigned, when MH is telling me that I've got a seat assignment. It's not uniform that all MH flights are showing weird things, as my assigned seat on another MH flight that day shows occupied.

    Also, is it possible to confirm that MH have redone some of their fare classes for OW integration? I've had an award ticket issued by a partner that's had its MH segments reissued from I to U (automatically) and now back to I (by agent who insists U is a coach revenue bucket, which a second agent and supervisor agreed with). The only source I can find is this page, which doesn't seem terribly authoritative. However, the change to U for business award tickets would make sense, as that's what most other OW carriers use.
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    The seat map shown is correct as far as the data returned by MH. If you look at the flight on other dates, you'll see some of the seats marked as Occupied. If you look at tomorrow’s MH 2 you'll see about 1/3 of the seats in Business marked as Occupied. It could be that there are many tickets without seating assignments but either way that is the seat map MH has.

    We have no information about a MH booking class realignment.
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