Answered: Message count seems off by 1 sometimes

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by SC Flier, Oct 31, 2012.

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    I haven't been able to figure this one out. I'm not sure if it's a bug or if there's something hidden that I'm not seeing.

    I've noticed that some users' (usually new users but not always) profiles will show a message count (post count) that is 1 more than their actual message count.

    Here is a current example:
    SPG Champion 2's profile currently shows a message count of 3, but if I view a list of her posts, I only see 2.

    I think (but am not certain) that this count automatically gets corrected once the user makes a few more posts.
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    Great observation.

    This is a known effect of an administrative feature that has been implemented to help reduce spam. The inaccuracy is unfortunate, but if the tool prevents even one spammer from posting on Milepoint we'll be ok with some members enjoying an inflated post count.
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