Melbourne at the Crown

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  1. I loved Crown Melbourne, I loved bistro guillaume, nobu, spice temple at the hotel. I really loved the pool and spa, club lounge needs to have more food and amenities though. I loved the Rippon Lea House near the city but there is not anything to really see.

    I do think you need to book through a virtuoso. travel agent to get most benefit

    ps virgin australia sucks
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    Not stayed there but the selection of restaurants along the river front are indeed very good. Guillaume is one of my favourites and Spice Temple's southern outpost is excellent.

    ps You should have seen VA before they lifted their game...
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    if you need a good Club Lounge in Melbourne, I thought the IC Rialto had a great Club

    at least Virgin Australia is not flying McDonnell Douglas aircraft :eek:
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  4. thats where I ate
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