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    Took the overnight DC-NY Megabus last week. This trip was convoluted but very cheap: it involved oneway care rental RDU-BWI for $1 a day, $6 on MARC from BWI to Union Station DC, then $13 for the LGA Airporter.

    The Megabus part... Full-Y walkup was $15. Dep 10pm, arr Madison Sq 3am. 20 pax on the 81-seat bus. @BWI - well, the Megabus parking lot in the Baltimore hood - the bus stopped and the driver announced that because of air-pressure problem, a replacement bus would be provided within 90mins. Most pax took the news stoically however, an altercation followed between the bus driver and one pax, with the pax calling out the driver for "disrespecting" him and "men of color," to which the (Caribbean) bus driver responded with some patience. Other pax remonstrated with the angry pax and eventually, he sat down.

    No problem for those used to standing in Wall-E lines to cash out :)

    The driver announced the status of the replacement each half hour and then we disembarked into the urban darkness at the deserted lot. I opened my pack, popped a can of Red Stripe and sucked it down, at which the rest of the pax observed: this guy is the only one who is ready (always carry your own booze on a trip like this for just these eventualities). Yes.

    The replacement bus was fuller but there were still some seats available and there was no traffic delay into NYC. So it arrived MSG at 440am. Wifi and power worked on both Megabuses, including during the delay period with the engine off.

    @NYC I was able to deposit cash generated on the previous drive at one of the banks before catching the LGA Airporter and arriving LGA at 0545. A UA SDC followed and I reached home five hours early.

    Meantime, Megabus sent a txt with the note "check your email" and when I did, back at SharkTank, I found they had refunded my ticket. So the ride was free.

    Net result, a 90 minute delay with a full, immediate, no-questions-asked ticket refund. Overall I'd say Megabus irop handling was better than some of the airlines.
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    Just wait. Megabus will announce it's joining SkyTeam next month
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    No need to worry. DL will claim they're not a full partner and thus you can't earn PQMs.
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    I've also heard that MegaBus tried to codeshare with RyanAir.

    However, since RyanAir found that seat assignments and wifi are free on MegaBus, RyanAir quickly proceeded to not do the codeshare.
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