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    was US5624 IAD CLT 0520 0641 CR9 2A
    and 1906 CLT MCI 0750 0950 319 2F

    About an hour before SuperShuttle was going to pick me up
    I got a notification that my flight had been cancelled.

    US Air had rebooked me nicely - but out of Baltimore,
    without telling me, so there was a certain amount of
    hustling about on my part. I managed to change my
    onward to my satisfaction; it didn't hurt that the
    connection they'd given me was booked up, and the one I
    wanted was wide open.

    SuperShuttle was good about refunding my payment but could
    not find a reaccommodation on such short notice. So I woke
    my brother and told him I'd pay taxi rate to get me to BWI
    by 6; I was in his car at 4:30ish, and I was in fact at the
    airport around 5.

    Slight anxiety as US Air hadn't put my number into the AA
    reservation, so it initially appeared that I was in some
    kind of limbo, but a fairly cheery and efficient agent got
    me squared away in a couple minutes. She pointed me to the
    C PreCheck, where everyone was polite to the point of
    obsequiousness, and I was unleashed for an hour of poking
    around a part of the airport I hadn't seen in years.

    Sunrise was exceptionally lovely, and I was not the only
    person taking snapshots of it.

    AA1373 BWI DFW 0705 0935 M80 6A

    The connector between B and C was built after my time, so
    I made good use of the extra time to check out the food
    offerings in A, B, and C; I'd known about Phillips and the
    oyster bar but was pleased to see BGR (in the Southwest
    area) and Kraze Burger (in the less-Southwest area). These
    were for future reference only, as I was entitled to
    breakfast on my flight. [subsequent note: BGR is pretty
    good; I couldn't figure the appeal of Kraze Burger.]

    Sunshine of Your Love was playing on the PA. One of my
    favorite songs, but after a few iterations, maybe not so
    much. Doodoodoodoot doot doot doot do dooo do.

    The gate area seating in this pier is inadequate and
    boarding rather chaotic. Also the lowness of the ceilings
    is oppressive: this is probably the last of the terminals
    to remain unrenovated. I was engrossed in my e-mail, though,
    and didn't notice until boarding was halfway.

    I don't mind the last first row of these aircraft; though
    my AA informant lili hates this row, when I was assigned
    here I didn't change my seat. It was fine, as the limited
    recline is okay with me.

    For breakfast they offered oatmeal with yogurt or a
    broccoli-red-pepper quiche with sausage and potatoes. I
    chose the latter; it was slopped into its dish in an ugly
    unappetizing manner but tasted surprisingly okay. Extremely
    weird bad fruit appetizer.
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    My original cheapest available itinerary was scheduled
    to arrive really, really early, and I was going to sit
    around for several hours maybe getting snockered at Vino
    Volo or somewhere waiting for lili's flight, but I had
    rearranged things, given the irregular operations, to
    connect through Dallas and meet up with her there; also
    I had no problem changing her seat to be next to mine,
    which has some creepy stalker potential if one thinks
    about it.

    I was quite early arriving and considered making a pit
    stop at Dickey's or Railyard but thought better of that.
    Wandered around the construction zone that is DFW and
    took the train to lili's arrival gate, where she seemed
    reasonably pleased to see me.

    AA 340 DFW MCI 1210 1352 M80 3EF

    I admit that the first row of the cabin is somewhat
    nicer than the last row, but the differences are pretty
    negligible. The company makes more difference I think.

    The American red wine is quaffable if not palatable.

    We landed on time after a slightly bumpy flight (a
    harbinger of things to come) and went right off to the
    car rental center, where a medium-size SUV awaited us
    for the weekend: it took Avis a bunch of time to get
    the rate right, but eventually it did happen. It was
    really more car than we needed.

    The Sheraton Crown Center, in its current incarnation, is
    a pretty nice place to stay. It's been renovated at least
    twice in its 35-year history and is pretty nice, with no
    echoes discernible of its dubious history. We were issued
    a quite nice, very big suite on a lower floor, the main
    disadvantage being that we had to switch elevators to get
    to the executlve lounge, which we didn't make much use of
    anyway, as we fed and watered ourselves very well this
    weekend, thank you, and eschewed breakfast next day so as
    not to spoil our quest for burnt end nirvana.

    We parked the car as usual across from the Westin and went
    through the enclosed walkway to the usual opening haunt for
    this do, Jack Stack Freighthouse Square, where we were
    fairly early arrivals but still too late for happy hour
    prices, so our snacks cost twice what I had budgeted for.

    MCI777 of course preceded us; FriendlySkies and gvdIAD
    arrived shortly after we did, followed by ConditionOne,
    HPN-HRL, and several others whom I know by name and not
    by handle.

    Burnt ends were a mixed bag. The first batch were decent,
    flavorsome, partially fatted, a little stringy in spots.
    Subsequent orders got progressively more burnt, sad to
    relate. Multiple iterations of Boulevard Amber helped down
    both the good and the not-quite-so-good. After a while I
    got tired of this and switched to Dark Horse Reunion rye,
    eye-openingly rich and spicy, reminding one of brandied
    Christmas pudding, almost enough to make one switch from
    Cognac to whiskey as tipple of choice. Almost. I was
    pleased. lili stuck with the Rodney Strong Cabernet. At
    8 something it was deemed that our select group of a dozen
    was complete (somewhat smaller than in years past), so we
    headed to our table inside. For lili and me I got a
    pleasant also spicy and rather too sweet (great with
    barbecue) Ravenswood Zen of Zin 2012 to go with our
    split order of ribs and burnt ends, both quite good, the
    latter redeeming their reputation from the shrivelled
    examples of the last batch outside. Sides were cheesy corn
    (in a liquidy Velveetoid sauce) - I gave some to Katie next
    to me on the other side, and she liked it a lot - and
    coleslaw, which I didn't bother to taste.

    We stayed until closing time and beyond, having had far too
    much fun.
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    Next day.
    The first order of business was World Famous Joe's KC,
    formerly known as Oklahoma Joe's but renamed when the
    original Oklahoma Joe went off to Oklahoma or someplace like
    that. We got there at 10:30 only to find people already
    inside. They actually let us in half an hour early in
    contrast to the old way, when they unlocked the door right
    on the hour. They didn't take orders until just before 11.
    lili and I split a burnt ends lunch plate. which came
    with one side; we chose beans and rice. The meat was as
    before exemplary - perhaps even better than in years past,
    because back then they used to presauce it heavily, which
    masked the goodness of the meat. This way lili got to add
    ladylike little dabs of the regular (which to me tastes more
    like syrup than sauce), and I could add lashings of the hot,
    to my own specifications. Yay! The beans and rice had a
    strong celery-bouillon flavor but were otherwise pretty
    decent with a good but not overwhelming hit of heat. Someone
    (HPN-HRL?) offered me a taste of the onion rings, which were
    done in fresh fat (it was the beginning of the day). By the
    time we left around 11:30, the line was out the door the way
    we remembered. It turns out later that Seat 2A was looking
    for the crowd, but we passed like buses in the night.

    Next stop - Danny Edwards, not my favorite place, but people
    like the burnt ends and the smiley staff at the counter.

    Things are different now. It's a sort of uneasy hybrid of
    Q joint and sitdown restaurant. We were shown to a long
    table at the end but allowed to order piecemeal as we
    arrived (which we did in dribs and drabs).

    lili and I were still digesting so didn't order any meat
    (as I said, this is really not one of my faves) but had
    drinks, mostly Boulevard amber; also I got side orders to
    taste of jambalaya and spicy beans. The jambalaya was like
    nothing I'd ever seen before - gray mush, the rice grains
    long exploded, and a texture similar to elementary school
    paste. The flavor, though, was terrific. I sent the cup
    around for people to sample, which few, put off by the
    amazing appearance, did. I was glad to find the cup still
    mostly full when I got it back. MCI777 says that the beans
    are the best in town. They are only slightly sweet, very
    peppery, with abundant doses of both bell and jalapeno
    pepper: they are in fact quite good, and when I sent them
    along for tastes, a fair amount of them went away.

    We got samples of others' orders of burnt ends and brisket -
    the former, tender enough this time, had a funny reheated
    flavor, and the brisket, though respectable, was nothing you
    couldn't get better of all over town. Some people got ribs
    and found them pretty decent. But on the whole I think that
    most of us would rather go back to LC's or Bryant's or maybe
    the Woodyard instead next year.
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    As lili needed more Starwood credits to keep her exalted
    status, we moved to the Sheraton Overland Park, where the
    accommodations were prettier and newer than downtown but
    the beds were sort of lumpy.

    The hotel was pretty full up with a barbershop quartet
    convention and various dance events going on all at once.
    We had to park not just in the convention center lot, but
    the faraway overflow lot. Well, more power to them - it's
    a fairly nice facility, and the people are nice, and the
    price is nice.

    Brobeck's is just a mile down the road. We met the DOers
    there and again got burnt ends and spare ribs, both quite
    good as, one advantage being that they come unsauced, and
    not only do you get your choice of their own hot or sweet
    sauce (both okay, nothing more), but the place also offers
    other companies' sauces too (all okay, nothing more). Used
    to be you could get Gates and Arthur Bryant's sauce here.
    Now the offerings are along the lines of Ken's Steakhouse
    (from Framingham, Mass.). The meats are well marbled and
    luscious though maybe a little more literally burnt than
    I'd prefer. Sides of coleslaw and cheesy corn were ordinary
    as could be. The portion was not so big as at either Joe's
    KC or Danny Edwards.

    After a large and festive meal we said our goodbyes to our
    people, and that was the end of the formal part of the
    gathering. The others went on to some casino to gamble and
    then the much-heralded Q39; HPN-HRL seemed a bit nostalgic
    for Foo's Frozen Custard, and no amount of dissuasion would
    make him believe that we were not going. He called a few
    times in a plaintive "where are you" way later in the day,
    but we were elsewhere. Namely

    Hayward's, a sports bar that is said to sport a good pit
    and respectable smoked meat. We got a combo sandwich of
    burnt ends and sausage on Texas toast. This came as 6 to 8
    oz of each meat on a big slab of what looked like hand-
    sliced Wondrous bread. The meats were pretty good, the burnt
    ends not quite up to the best but pretty close, the sausage
    a little fatty-mushy and mild, but there was nothing that a
    dollop of the hot sauce couldn't help. Speaking of which,
    the server caught me grimacing as I tasted the sauce that
    was on offer, so she came back with a bowl of the hot, which
    was pleasantly more tart than the regular and quite quite
    spicy. I liked it and used most of what she gave me. Along
    with, we got a big portion of okay thick-cut fries. Total
    outlay $10.

    A KC Bier Dunkel went pretty nicely with, a modestly hopped
    dark beer with a tad of molassesy sweetness and a rich body.
    lili had some kind of Merlot that left her cold.

    Back at the hotel, the executive lounge beckoned. lili
    tried again with the wine, which the attendant said was
    some kind of Cabernet Sauvignon, I believe from Napa, which
    she had to actually abandon her post and take the elevator
    down to the lobby bar to pick up. The upstairs and
    downstairs prices were the same, $5 or so a glass.

    There were cheese and crackers, crabby muffins, and some
    similarly delicious things out in the chafing dishes. I had
    a cookie; lili had some fresh fruit and was ready for more,
    but an unaccompanied child started helping himself to some
    blackberries but dropped some on the floor - whereupon he
    scooped them up and put them back in the dish. This sort of
    put us off our feed.
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    No breakfast.

    Instead, Q39, one of the hottest new restaurants in town,
    in the formerly dodgy but now quite fashionable Westport
    district. This is the place started by Rob Magee, head of
    the Munchin' Hogs BBQ team (two-time KCBBS champion, so so
    the claim goes de facto world champ) when he escaped from
    the airport Hilton.

    I forget why, but we arrived around noon for our 11:30
    reservation, no problem - the restaurant was probably only
    1/3 full, but it was noisy to the point where conversation
    between more than a pair would have been difficult. By the
    time we left an hour later, the place was packed and almost
    bizarrely noisy.

    Our waiter, Daryl, approved of our decision to split a pair
    of appetizers - the renowned pork belly and a special 10-oz
    starter serving of burnt ends - for our meal, which with a
    couple glasses of wine and a pint of Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
    were quite sufficient.

    I've seen pictures of the pork belly appetizer - often it's
    a big serving that looks a bit overdone and undermarbled;
    ours was almost fatted enough, a pretty modest couple slices
    of meat, which was laid atop a blob of white bean cassoulet
    with a big handful of fried onion strings blopped on top.
    Ugly presentation, pretty wonderful flavors. Pork: excellent
    taste, though I'd actually prefer a bit more fat; cassoulet:
    very nice but could use more garlic; onions: lili found
    them greasy, I found them delicious.

    As Q39 had spent the weekend doing multiple caterings,
    there was a glut of burnt ends, which led to a special burnt
    end appetizer, 10 oz, $10. These came in a sauce that we
    found lackluster, so we scraped most of it off. The meat
    itself was very good, to the degree that I ordered a pound
    to go for later, dry. Nicely smoked, nicely marbled,
    excellent raw product (at least as good as Jack Stack or
    OJ's and better than LC, Gates, Bryant, or especially Danny
    Edwards, which I think falls far behind in the beef quality
    department). For myself I prefer more fat, but I think this
    had enough for most people (I seem to recall that this is
    all CAB). It had been aggressively brined (Franklin and some
    of the other big names do this), which leads to an altered
    texture (many like it) but - for a heart patient such as
    myself - produces unpleasant side effects. We had to cancel
    a side trip to the Smokehouse because of this.

    lili's Diseno Malbec was rather nice (I hate Constellation,
    I like some of its wines), with enough, not too much, fruit
    and a pleasant minerally dry finish. The modest sweetness
    went nicely with smoked meat.

    The Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat was a coffee-scented oatmeal
    stout of the usual sort, very smooth, medium-to-high
    alcohol, nice with the pork and would have been good with
    the brisket if it hadn't been slathered with the cloyingly
    sweet sauce.

    Price? I figure 10-15% more than the going local rate.
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    The plan was to return the car, check in at the Four Points
    MCI Airport, and walk to Cafe Weatherby a mile up the road
    at the Hilton, one of the hotel restaurants worth the trip
    to an otherwise unprepossessing location. The first part
    went okay, but it turns out that Munchin' Hogs has abandoned
    the Hilton, whose restaurant is now called Asado, and now
    devotes its time to its own restaurant, which is Q39 as
    mentioned before. So we figured on taking the hotel shuttle
    to Zona Rosa and its outlet of The Smokehouse, but there was
    this wine to deal with, which we'd gotten at Gomer's down in
    town in order to prepare for a possible Sunday drought.

    A big comfy room, top floor (I think 4th) corner. Beds quite
    nice. After a short nap I woke to find that lili had poured
    me a glass of wine and was well on her way with her own. The
    Juan Benegas 13 Malbec is very pleasant and smooth with a
    peachy aroma and palate; good long finish and much better
    than its price point (about $10). I wager that it rates
    lower than it ought because of the peach nose, which is
    atypical for a Malbec, fine, all the more for me. The bottle
    went down quickly. Quickly enough that we decided not to
    brave the bus down to the mall but hit the Boulevard Grill
    downstairs instead. This place gets horrid reviews on Google
    and TripAdvisor. but if you read these you find that they
    sound rather like trolls, or at least the writers shouldn't
    be let out without a white-coated keeper. Lots of complaints
    about "homemade beer" and stuff along the lines of, this is
    Missouri, can't you get a decent Budweiser product around
    here? (answer: yes, on special request, in bottle only).

    Standard objection #1. The service is slow. Granted - the
    place is kind of understaffed.

    Standard objection #2. The food is bar food. Granted, but
    what do you expect. We got one basic burger, rare, and an
    order of wings. Both were done as ordered and as required.
    Nothing to write home about one way or the other.

    Standard objection #3. Strange beer. Boulevard products.
    If you don't like them, have the hotel shuttle take you to
    the mall. I was well satisfied by Boulevard pale ale at $3
    for a US pint, $4 for an Imperial. I had two US. Not until
    afterward did lili discover that she had been given a
    coupon for a free beer, which got saved for another time.

    In an excess of enthusiasm I'd ordered a chocolate molten
    lava cake, and having had almost half a burger shunted in
    my direction, I thought about cancelling the order; the
    waitress, who was actually quite agreeable, sort of pouted
    and said that we could have it put up to go. I agreed but
    reminded her to omit the ice cream that normally goes with.


    We had coupons for the breakfast buffet, which turned out
    not to exist. There was however a working kitchen and
    someone to cook, so in return for our coupons we got meat
    and eggs and potatoes and toast and juice and coffee. I
    had sausage and sunny side; lili got bacon and an omelet.
    Mine were better than hers - the sausage was standard, but
    there were four double size ones; her bacon was thick cut
    and done beyond crisp, so eating it was rather like chewing
    on salty planks. Eggs fresh, so slightly underdone was
    better than cooked with a heavy hand. Breakfast potatoes
    were pretty much exactly what you get on the standard
    buffet. My wheat toast was just like her white toast only
    with hard little wheat berries mixed in. Went well with
    peanut butter, of which there were two kinds, Smucker's
    and Sysco. Smucker's actually is slightly better.
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    I was going to hit the Smokehouse BBQ at noon via the hotel
    shuttle, but there were leftovers, namely that molten lava
    thing, now no longer molten, and a bottle of wine.

    Agua de Piedra 13 Malbec - I was expecting, being innocent
    beyond my sixty-something years, more from such a
    tantalizingly named wine. Aside from a bit of chalk on the
    nose, what I got was a middle-of-the-road wide open fruity
    beverage that could have come out of a Woodbridge bottle.
    It went nicely with the remains of the molten lava cake.

    lili left six hours before me, but I got the famous
    Starwood late checkout. Shortly after our goodbyes I got a
    frantic call from her at the front desk. The guy who had
    taken our airport shuttle reservations had balled things up
    royally, so there was no shuttle. I calmed her down and had
    the associate take care of it; it took a few minutes for the
    A-team to get things squared away. I settled back in with my
    wine and cake.

    I left the room at 3 and went to the bar to use up that
    free beer coupon. The draft of the day was some summer
    thing or maybe a Kolsch, so instead I got a bottle of
    the Porter, which I like a lot. Then off for the 4:20
    shuttle, which got me to the airport in plenty of time
    for me to nose around and find that there was nothing of
    any kind of interest in the airport.

    US1785 MCI CLT 1820 2131 319 3C

    The flight went smoothly. We landed with just enough time
    for me to check my e-mail and then run off to the next

    US1998 CLT BWI 2225 2345 321 2F

    I don't care for the seating in the 321s - the generosity
    of space seems to go down as the number of the Bus goes up.
    I fussed and fidgeted and eventually got semi-comfortable
    leaning up against the window. It was a short flight
    anyway. A notably bumpy landing.

    My friends Dale and Gail were out there to pick me up for a
    couple days' visit. We tried to find someplace decent to eat,
    but that was Honey Pig's night off, and so back home we went.
    Well, that brisket got unwrapped, and it was indeed very
    tasty and tender. There were also leftovers in the fridge,
    most notably in the form of rare steak.

    Irregular hours and eating habits are the rule here, and I
    am very comfortable with that.
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    Dale and Gail have found yet another entrant in the rather
    oversubscribed Indian food in Columbia race. This one is
    called Flavors of India and is peculiar in being a Halal
    restaurant with a bar in the next room. According to rumor,
    that fact lost the enterprise a bit of business.

    It's a rather plain cubic room, the ceiling of course
    allowing the noise to bounce around, which makes the place
    sound bigger and fuller than it really is. We got a booth
    that was reasonably comfy, down by the restrooms.

    The staff seemed friendly enough.

    Mango lassi was available, but mango juice was not. This is
    rather peculiar and indicates that they must not make the
    drink themselves. As I prefer not to waste pills on such
    foods, I stuck with water, which was refilled regularly.

    A wide assortment of vegetarian dishes, some even milk-free.

    Mixed vegetables (think frozen medley) with scallions and
    coconut were surprisingly savorous. I actually had a modest
    second serving of this.

    Spinach and potatoes were somewhat bland but fixable with
    the pleasantly warm red onion chutney that is meant for
    something else but that I tend to ladle on a lot of things
    where it doesn't supposedly belong.

    I am a sucker for lentils; these were yellow-brown, mild,
    somewhat meaty as good lentils tend to be. Also helped by
    the red stuff.

    There were these weird balls that I'd never seen before -
    a potato core surrounded by green stuff that appeared to
    have spinach in it but with a texture that bespoke the
    presence of maybe chickpeas. A labor-intensive preparation
    that wouldn't be worth the effort if it hadn't been
    redeemed by a nice tomato cream.

    On the meaty side, there was a standard brown goat curry
    notable only for having some boneless pieces in among the
    usual ossuary; I liked it okay, but its clove-heavy spicing
    meant that seconds were out of the question for me.

    Several chicken dishes, including rather tasty battered
    bits called chicken 65, normal tandoori thighs, and a
    below-average tikka masala. Oh, yes, a korma that was less
    sweet and fruity than what I'm accustomed to, but nice and
    creamy, so I got two servings of it.

    Rice was above average in taste and below average in
    texture (a lot of stuck-together bits).

    Desserts were gulab jamun and kheer indistinguishable from
    those everyplace else.
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    This was a little early for my friends to be up and about,
    but they were good-natured and got me to the airport in
    plenty of time.

    US4767 BWI PHL 1043 1130 DH8 4A

    This is one of the shortest flights around, usually running
    about 20 minutes; if one wanted to just go to the city
    center, it would be easier to take the train for twice as
    much money (except when the route is on sale). It is also
    a substantially bumpy flight both on climb-out and landing.
    For some reason, in my experience, Baltimore, Philly, and
    Newark always have bumpy problems. This flight was no

    I escaped to the United Club, where Ten High now reigns as
    the house Bourbon, replacing the hated McCormick American
    Whiskey, which according to Pete the bartender, is no longer
    available in the Pennsylvania state store (which is the
    largest of all the state stores, because it has a monopoly
    that extends to bars and restaurants as well as the general
    public). The good thing of course is that this prevents
    United from cheaping out too much on the booze, since some
    of the worst products aren't listed.

    US1994 PHL ORD 1335 1448 752 3F

    I was treated at least as well as a gold or platinum by
    PMUS as I was in the latter days as a 1K on United. Some
    of this has persisted to the present. This aircraft was
    reconfigured to have just twelve first-class seats, in
    electronically-adjustable angled-lie-flat, followed by a
    tiny mini-cabin beloved by golds such as myself even though
    there is minimal legroom, followed by the polloi. I think
    such planes were originally meant for transatlantic routes
    of lower demand, and the seats up front are pretty comfy;
    I was sad that this flight took less than two hours,

    What happened: not much; I asked for a Bourbon, got a Jack;
    found that the footrest was as floppy and broken as all
    footrests of this general design; slept an hour; got off
    in a relatively unfamiliar part of O'Hare in the drizzle.

    Next thing I knew, I was on the shuttle to the Sheraton
    O'Hare, where lili had wangled a fairly nice suite, lots
    of privacy, more from doors than space, for us in what
    apparently was a former Embassy Suites.

    As it was my birthday (or within a few days thereof), a
    special-occasion restaurant was in order. Harry Caray's is
    next door in the unlikely setting of what I think is a
    Holiday Inn. We were ushered into a corner table in a
    clubby-looking small room with a strange piped-in smell of
    blue cheese that rather bothered me.

    Robert was an officious but not unpleasant waiter; we
    actually liked his much older, more efficient, and taciturn
    sub-waiter, whose name was not revealed to us.

    Canoe Ridge Expedition Horse Heaven Hills Cab 13 was as
    advertised and expected, a very fruity, semi-sweet but good-
    tasting dark red bottle of juice that went well with
    Bill Kurtis' Tallgrass sirloin strip, a firm, somewhat
    chewy about 12 oz of grass-fed beef, extra rare as ordered.
    I gave lili some of this in exchange for half of her
    burger, about which I recall nothing. Actually, I recall
    little of the beef - the meat itself wasn't that tasty,
    though the fat was very nice. Sad to say, most of the fat
    had been trimmed off, but the gristle had not. I like
    gristle well enough, but burned gristle is nowhere near as
    good as burned fat (or nonburned gristle).

    Creamed spinach was the crabgrassy sort that I've had before
    at second-rate places - it was tough and green-tasting, in a
    thin untasty cream sauce.

    On the whole, a C+/B- meal, not worth the cost.

    The adventure continues here.
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    Benegas makes some very good wines, the Juan Benegas is not one of their best efforts. While in a different price category, their best value for money is the Don Tiburcio Blend which has a very relevant Malbec backbone, complimented by Cabernet Sauvignon/Franc and some Merlot & Petit Verdot. Benegas also recently launched its Icon Malbec under their Benegas Lynch label. Priced on the high-end side, it is a monster Malbec that needs a little time in the cellar.... Benegas Lynch Malbec La Encerrada Vineyard.
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    It is still difficult in the US to find respectable Argentine wines, and bear in mind
    that US$10 for a bottle of any drinkability is a bargain price. I was happy to get
    the Juan Benegas for that amount. I'd have been extremely happy to see wines
    of the caliber you describe ,,, but in Kansas City on Sunday (or any city besides
    New York or Chicago) ... !
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