Mayan apocalypse: excellent Avios redemption follows great DL service!

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    You know, it must be almost time for that apocalypse.... I just secured some juicy and helpful intra-EU Avios redemptions for Shark family vac. BA.COM presented a helpful list of options and allowed us to take a two-day stopover at LHR to visit Shark relatives. The whole process was quite unlike the BA product of yore...and recent that it was efficient, helpful, and reasonably-priced. In fact, for these particular redemptions, it was the best value out there...the taxes on intra-EU Star redemptions were wildly higher and the availability was no better, and redeeming using AAnother AAirline's miles seems to incur higher taxes on BA metal than BA's own Avios. In fact, the various other FFP offerings weren't competitive for this task and I would have flown EZ if I'd not had the choice of these Avios redemptions.

    This situation is not true for travel to/from most of the rest of the world, but inexplicably, for intra-EU, it's really hard to beat BA Avios.

    F%%% me!!

    Even more astonishing, this event follows hot on the heels of great DL service at LHR two days ago.

    While DL SM may be [​IMG] best in class [​IMG], unmitigated and unremitting, Avios do have their uses. In truth I need some more Avios.....I might even have to fly my BA F misfile to accumulate some more.
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    You ain't seen nothing yet....

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