Maximizing points/miles in Southeast Asia

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    I'm about to embark on a five week trip through Southeast Asia. I primarily will be staying at low cost hotels, hostels, and traveling by means of public transportation where available.

    I'm searching for the best way to maximize my miles and points while also staying on a shoestring budget. The only applicable card I carry is the Sapphire card.

    So far I've been able to book a few rooms via Travelocity UR purchases, and and seen another option of using via the UR site.

    So I ask, is this the best way to accumulate miles/points on approximately 20-30 hotel stays? I've seen AA is offering 1000 bonus miles through booking on their site, but havnt been able to weigh my best option to maximize points.
    Any low cost hotel loyalty programs I'm over thinking?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    You should take a serious look at . You might find that 7% cash back ( or 5.5% cash back and every tenth stay free ( is better than a few hotel points. Especially as your are going for cheaper (possibly non-big-western-brand) stays. I believe that Wandering Aramean ( ) does a lot of asia stays in local hotels. You might be able to find something in his trip reports on his blog.
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    Given that you're thinking low cost hotels and hostels, the hotels offered through AA probably won't fit your criteria.

    Some low cost hotels and hostels, but not all, will let you pay with a cc so your could use your Sapphire card and earn UR.

    You're going to have to decide what is worth more to you: the miles/points earned via hotel stays or saving cash by staying at low cost hotels and hostels.
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    You won't be able to find budget hotels on In fact, you'll often be charged a premium to book hotels through those airline websites. is Priceline's arm in Asia. If you sign up for an account, each reservation you make (using your Sapphire Preferred, of course) will earn points back. These Agoda points can be redeemed for discounts on future bookings. Agoda does have some strict pre-pay requirements, however, and you'll find reviews of the site complaining when they didn't get full refunds when they changed their plans.
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    You can also
    I agree.

    I think you the saved cash would be preferred to the small amount of points accrued from low level hotels.

    I believe is on several cashback shopping portals, check for a complete list, and that would be a great idea for somebody on a shoestring budget and still wanting to earn som UR points.
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