Mattress to mattress, dawn to dusk... 100 hours of premium lust...

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    Well, I would fly for fifty hours,
    And I would fly for fifty more,
    Just to be the nut who'd fly one hundred hours
    To fall through my bedroom door.

    ...with apologies to The Proclaimers

    And you thought Pheidippides of the Battle of Marathon had it tough... ;) :p

    This trip took place at the end of a two month on-and-off stint of travel in Europe in 2011. It was the first time I had redeemed my BD miles for a significant trip. This was the part that involved getting home, and thinking that I'd like to sample quite a few products and experiences, I built in quite a bit. Then I thought, in my wisdom, rather than take a break, I'd squeeze in some CX J fares to get some status (those ex-ICN fares looked too attractive).

    You'd think that after I tried something like this (hosted on Flyertalk), I would've learned my lesson. You know that feeling, "It was a good idea at the time?"

    The troubling part about this is.... I'd almost do it all again!

    Those of you who are psychotic insomniacs may like to advance with caution. Equally those trying to keep to your diet. And of course those who may not like their bandwidth getting chewed due to pictures, pictures and more pictures.

    For the rest, let us proceed......

    Flight Schedule
    Date   Flight  Sector   Dep   Arr     Dur'n  A/C  Cls  Connect
    18JUN  LH1196  FRA-ZRH  1640  1730     0:50  321    J     5:15
    18JUN  LX 180  ZRH-BKK  2245  1435+1  10:50  343    F     8:30
    19JUN  TG 658  BKK-ICN  2305  0630+1   5:25  772    J     3:00
    20JUN  CX 421  ICN-TPE  0930  1100     2:30  772    J     1:00
    20JUN  CX 421  TPE-HKG  1200  1345     1:45  772    J     1:00
    20JUN  CX 919  HKG-MNL  1445  1650     2:05  773    J     3:40
    20JUN  KA 932  MNL-HKG  2030  2240     2:10  321    J     2:00
    21JUN  CX 412  HKG-ICN  0040  0515     3:35  333    J     4:20
    21JUN  TG 659  ICN-BKK  0935  1325     5:50  773    J     5:50
    21JUN  TG 475  BKK-SYD  1915  0720+1   9:05  346    F    13:45
    22JUN  QF 556  SYD-BNE  2105  2235     1:30  763    J      END
    P.S. For the purists here - no, it isn't exactly 100 hours from bed to bed... it's more like 102 hours (as you'll find out why in the end), but close enough...........

    This is my first trip report on MilePoint. Hope you enjoy!
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    Friday 17 June 2011

    Current Location: Holiday Inn Express Moerfelden-Walldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Current Time: 1700h GMT+1,
    16 hours before getting out of bed

    After a long day in Köln (Cologne for those of you not familiar with Germany), I caught the train from Köln to Frankfurt Airport station (Flughafen Frankfurt Fernbahnhof if you ever need to know it, frequently abbreviated as "F.-Fernbf"). Holiday Inn Express Frankfurt Airport has a shuttle which operates between the airport and the property, which is customarily mandatory since the property is hardly walking distance from the airport despite being called an "airport hotel". I called for the shuttle and it quickly arrived, which is just as well as I was getting very tired lugging my heavy luggage around. (You know that odd feeling that the bag seems heavier the longer you are on the trip, even though you don't remember buying many souvenirs and what not?)

    The Holiday Inn Express is oddly located in that there is almost literally nothing around as far as the short eyes could see. There was what appeared to be some sort of caravan park on the opposite side of the road with a small restaurant, but that was it.

    Check-in was a breeze and apparently I had been given a premium room. What was so premium about it? Well apparently it is so designated because it is so close to check-in, i.e. the first floor. Wow...though I did have to ascend a flight of stairs before I reached my room (not a big one, thankfully). The room was appointed as I expected, which of course isn't much for Holiday Inn Express. No one should expect otherwise, really.

    My room at the HIX Frankfurt Airport

    The bathroom was simple with the common one-size-fits-all-purposes washing liquid in the shower and near the basin. And of course no bathtubs, but frankly one was not required and I'm not a fan of standing in bathtubs to have a shower (though it is often something that must be done).

    Tonight was meant to be a rest night so I could steel myself for what was ahead. I took care of some messages from home using the free internet in the hotel lobby. The hotel didn't have much to offer in terms of hot food (just Margherita pizzas), but they did direct me to the small restaurant opposite the road and even offered me a voucher to use there for a free glass of wine. The restaurant opposite had a bigger menu, mainly of the Italian kind, which sufficed for dinner.

    Not much more for the night apart from carefully repacking my bag to take into account weight, spare clothes and so on. After all, it may be long periods of time before I ever saw my checked bag. It was all about strategy. I researched online at all my future airports for facilities, opening hours, costs, and so on. A good frequent flyer will be prepared and have a plan.

    After all of that, it was time to get some rest. It would be the last rest I would get on a mattress located within 100 metres above sea level...
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    Saturday 18 June 2011

    Current Location: Holiday Inn Express Moerfelden-Walldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Current Time: 0900h GMT+1,
    Out of bed

    I thought I'd intended on getting up earlier to maximise time in the FCT, but tiredness got the better of me and I slept in a bit. Still, I was up and slowly getting into gear. Luckily my advanced preparations paid dividends as I wasn't spending all this time trying to pack everything up and check nothing was left behind.

    Shower, change and I was out my room door. I checked out at reception and made a booking for the next shuttle back to the airport. Holiday Inn Express always includes their continental breakfast in their room rates. I would've normally had something to eat, but there was plenty to be had at the FCT, so I let go the breakfast here and decided to get something at the airport. But for those of you who would've been interested in a bite....



    Continental Breakfast at the HIX Frankfurt Airport

    HIX Frankfurt Airport lobby area

    Overall I was quite content with my stay at the hotel. It was sufficient for what I wanted, a basic but clean room and a good rate even when booked quite close to the check-in date (helped partly by the improved AUD strength against the EUR). The shuttle arrived just a couple of minutes behind schedule before loading up a fair number of us to head to Frankfurt Airport.

    Current Location: Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Current Time: 1020h GMT+1,
    1 hour 20 minutes after getting out of bed

    The shuttle drops everyone off at the same point as the pickup, which is the arrivals area of the terminal. Once I alighted the shuttle bus, I started making my way down the road towards a building disconnected from everything else at the airport (almost, but it wasn't joined to anything).

    Ground floor entrance to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt am Main

    The more classier way to get to this terminal is to be driven here so that you end up on the driveway above and are greeted by one of the staff at your vehicle (just like pulling up to the entrance of a good hotel). However, since I wasn't willing to shell out a sizable amount of Euros for a taxi just for the experience, I simply did it the less classier way, which is come through the ground floor, take the lift up to the main floor and walk towards the service desks.

    The lobby was deserted when I arrived, save for one of many lovely Lufthansa FCT attendants who approached me with a bit of caution, as if somehow I may have had the wrong terminal.

    "Guten tag."
    "Guten tag. Wie geht's?"
    "Gut, danke." [indecipherable German]
    "Oh, I'm sorry... I cannot speak German."
    [very slightly brusque] "Where are you going today?"
    "Ummm... Seoul-Incheon.... via Zurich and Bangkok."

    With that, I handed over a rather messy and crumpled printout from CheckMyTrip. The attendant studied my itinerary for about a minute before gesturing to follow her. My luggage was taken away by a porter to be checked in before I proceeded to security screening.
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    Luggage, you are going for a ride!

    For those who haven't been to the Lufthansa FCT before, it is a great facility for LH F pax and M&M HON passengers. You can also use the FCT if you are connecting to or from a LH or LX F service on the same day (and on the same itinerary). This is why I decided to get LX F and route via FRA with a connector, since I would get access to the LH FCT as well. The FCT simply consists of a single security screening point, a small duty free shop, a large lounge with many facilities and a small immigration and boarding area. It really is a separate sanctuary for valued pax away from the hubbub and drudgery of the rest of Frankfurt Airport.

    I went up to security screening and proceeded to empty my pockets. In hindsight, I should've given a lot more thought into preparing myself for this moment. Pens, keys, coins, wallet, card file, card file 2.... geez, emptying me out was taking embarrassingly long. My attendant had easily passed through security whilst I was still unloading my pockets. Once through the point, I apologised to her for keeping her waiting. She told me not to worry at all. I like that.

    It was not my first time in the LH FCT, so I knew where everything was, really. However, this was my first time in the FCT as a real passenger, so I was ready to soak up all it had to offer.

    For those of you who want to get a bit of a tour of the FCT, check out this Youtube video.

    Panorama shot of the LH FCT

    Another shot of the FCT seating area

    LH have a unique process when you go through the FCT. They do not go through all the normal initial checks at the check-in desk, but rather they let you into the lounge after which they take your passport and itinerary details whilst you relax in the lounge. As you relax, the attendants, in a back office, process your details, prepare your BPs and route your luggage. They then hand back your documents to you when they find you in the lounge (not hard to do for them!). Normally, if you need passport control screening, this will be done as you are called to leave the lounge before boarding, with your passport left downstairs at the boarding area to be collected before being chauffered to your gate. However, since my connector flight was a Schengen flight that doesn't need passport control, I was handed my passport back with my documentation.

    The FCT was rather quiet at the time I was in, so there were plenty of attendants and waiters wondering around if anyone wanted service. A lovely waitress approached me and asked if I wanted anything. No good morning would be off to the best start without the customary cup of coffee, and a latte was proffered.

    Latte, prepared by the FCT staff from Do & Co

    Soon after, my attendant came back with my boarding passes. She apologised that she could not check me in for my flight from BKK to ICN, however I could get this BP from a transfer desk once I got to BKK. My luggage had been successfully routed all the way to ICN, however.

    Boarding passes to Zurich and Bangkok
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    I'd always wanted to try the bath tub in the lounge. There are five bathrooms in the terminal, but only one of them has a full sized bath tub as well as a shower. The room needed to be prepped before I could go in, but this didn't take long. Once inside, you have to admit it is one of the biggest bathrooms available in any airline lounge in the world...

    Bathroom #1 in the FRA FCT: including a full sized bath tub

    Bathroom accessories

    A favourite collectable: the signature FRA FCT rubber ducky

    The bath tap fills the bath rather slowly, but I set the water running and emptied in some drops of the supplied body soap as well as a good dose of the bath salts. I hadn't had a bath in such a long time; I'd forgotten what it's like to relax in one (except the part when you get out of the tub and you're wrinkled like a prune). I slowly lowered myself in and enjoyed the warm water. Having been used to the quicker-method shower, it was hard for me to relax but I tried to calm down and just clear my mind. Worked for a while, before I decided to simply get washed up, rinse off properly in the shower and get re-dressed.
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    One key thing that people love about lounges is the ability to freshen up and get cleaned. The other part is usually the food and drink. And oh my God the FCT has a huge selection of both!

    At the FCT, there is a very extensive buffet serving an array of items that would almost rival the selection at most good hotel restaurant buffets. However, there is also the option of ordering from a decently appointed menu. The buffet mainly caters well for 'timeless' items, viz. not too many hot items (some selections in the warm part of the servery), but plenty of antipasti / entree / snack options, as well as a great selection of breads, yoghurts and dessert items (including cakes, jellies and chocolate).




    Extensive food buffet at the FRA FCT

    I sat myself down at a table, whipped out my laptop to get messages checked (and taking advantage of the thankfully complimentary wifi), and had a look through the menu to have something to eat. A waiter soon appeared and took my order.

    Dining table at the FCT dining area

    There was a 'seasonal theme' in the FCT at the moment, which was a Spanish like theme focussing on tapas style food. The theme was captured through a separate menu that was presented as a scroll sitting in a traditional looking vase. Bottles of still and sparkling water sat in ice buckets at each table, ready to be served by the attendants.
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    I promised myself to control my alcohol intake so as not to put myself in a bad position for the long journey to come, however it was difficult to pass up on a glass of champagne. My choice was the satisfactory Taittinger Rose.

    Taittinger Rose

    My first foray into the FCT's a la carte food was this clear fish soup. The soup was delicious enough, though some people might not appreciate the simplicity and taste of the soup and the fish.

    Fish Soup "Andaluz"

    The next instalment was a "local special", the Bavarian "Leberkäse". I really should've asked what this was and how big it was before I ordered it, though it really was delicious.

    Bavarian Leberkäse with potato salad, brezel and sweet mustard

    I didn't finish all the Bavarian meat since this next course was coming. I'd expected a smaller serving of the previous course, because this Schnitzel hit the mark and so did the accompanying trio of salads.

    Wiener Schnitzel with three salads

    I took some sweets from the servery to eat slowly whilst I was tapping away at my laptop, but after I'd finished a bit of work I wanted to move away from the restaurant, so I ended up moving towards the bar area with sweet still in hand.

    FCT sweets from the servery
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    And if you wanted something even more simpler than a cake or a creamy-fruit cup...

    Indulge thy sweet tooth...

    The bartender caught me photographing all various bric-a-brac and offered to take a photo of me behind the FCT bar, which boasted, as he proudly explained, over 80 different kinds of spirits of various ages.

    The FCT bar

    I had another coffee to go with my sweets before I noticed someone that looked familiar sitting in the lounge area. On closer inspection, I noticed it was a LH HON Circle member who had been interviewed twice by Der Spiegel in documentary items about being a Lufthansa Miles & More HON Circle member and the life of good travel and what not. I felt odd and perhaps a little scared that we didn't know each other, but I was so curious that I approached him and said hello. We got chatting for a while about his work and his travel (I realise why he definitely is a HON Circle!), and travel on Lufthansa and so on. He has heard of Flyertalk and some of the German contingent on Flyertalk (and its German "equivalent" VFF) have caught up with him on the odd occasion. I was so engrossed with his stories (and quite impressed that he was willing to talk to me) that I almost didn't notice my attendant telling me it was time to go - my flight was being called. I said goodbye to Andreas as I collected my belongings.

    Current Location: Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Current Time: 1640h GMT+1,
    7 hours 40 minutes after getting out of bed

    The departure area for the FCT is downstairs from the main lounge concourse. You have the choice of either walking down a long flight of stairs, or a lift. I chose the stairs as I chatted to my attendant. Once you are downstairs, you would normally clear immigration procedures here if required, followed by waiting for a vehicle to chauffeur you to your aircraft.

    The chauffeur vehicles are all Mercedes. Most of the time they will try and put multiple people on the same flight in the same vehicle, but it appeared I was the only one who was on the flight I was booked on, so I had a sedan all to myself. The chauffeur met me as I walked out of the terminal proper, helped me with my hand carry and into the vehicle.

    My Mercedes sedan to take me to my aircraft

    Customary leg room shot in the vehicle

    My chauffeur was a very pleasant fellow and we made some light banter as I was driven to my waiting Lufthansa aircraft. As it turns out, I lucked out today since my aircraft was parked at a remote standoff bay, away from the terminal. Normally if your flight is docked at the terminal, you are dropped off at the base of the jetway leading to the aircraft, where you take a lift ride up to the jetway level and then board the aircraft from there. Sometimes, you even just take a lift and are deposited back into the terminal where you join the regular boarding queue. But with a standoff bay, I was ferried right in front of the aircraft with the airstairs leading up. The other pax hadn't arrived from their terminal shuttles yet, so I was first on board the aircraft. Felt kind of like a nation's leader boarding their national aircraft, except without the secret service guards all around or the red carpet.
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    Flight: Lufthansa LH1196 Frankfurt am Main (FRA T1) - Zurich (ZRH)
    Depart: Sched 1640h; Actual 1724h
    Duration: 50 min
    Distance: 180 mi (290 km)
    Aircraft: D-AISD "Chemnitz" Airbus A321-100
    Class: Business
    Seat: 1C

    I was warmly greeted by the crew upon ascending the stairs to the aircraft, whereupon I was able to easily find space for my hand carry in the overhead then sit down. Lufthansa shorthaul J is like almost any Euro J and nothing too exciting compared to what we have in Australia (viz. QF and DJ). It's basically a wholly Y plane with the J section being Y seating with the middle blocked, and a table set in the middle seat for cocktails, etc. No extra leg room in any rows except for exit rows (which aren't J anyway). Every passenger - J or Y - was given a small block of Swiss chocolate as they boarded the aircraft.

    ...for whatever it is worth

    Row 1 (DEF) on board the Lufthansa A321

    Legroom in 1C

    Well, it's the most you can hope for (wider, not longer)

    The rest of the passengers going to ZRH eventually boarded, but the plane overall was quite lightly loaded. After a delay in getting everyone on board and the plane being ready to go, we were pushed back and took off on the short hop to ZRH.

    The flight to ZRH is as short as a SYD-CBR hop, but the crew still had enough time to offer a small snack to everyone along with a couple of rounds of drinks.

    J snack going to ZRH

    Looks fancy? Don't be fooled: there's a lot of plastic there. The clear holder dishes are plastic. The grey outer dish is soft plastic (not a hard plastic tray!). And if it tasted any worse, some of that food would've probably passed as plastic, too. The food was satisfactory, though not great by any stretch of the imagination. The cheese on the right hand side of the dish was probably the best of the culinary gallery.

    The only advantage of the package that you see in the above is the disposal. As the crew passed to take care of rubbish collection, they simply picked up what I hadn't eaten and threw it straight into the bin. Too, too easy. The cabin was prepped as we made final approach into ZRH.

    As we started to punch through the cloud layer and make our way into ZRH, it became very bumpy. Glasses started to very audibly clink in the galley. My heart experienced a few perturbations that seemed to get rather more intense as we descended further. As we progressed down further, there were several more bumps. I thought we were going to go around, or at least it would calm a bit more before we touched down. It felt like we were still going quite fast as the little A321 rocked from side to side.

    Then, all of the sudden, without so much of a hint.... BAM! The A321 hit the runway with a thud, bounced up a wee bit, then back down. A glass shattered, I think. Every pax's body parts started to reestablish equilibrium positions. Reverse thrusters did their work as the little aircraft taxiied towards the gate at a very windy Zurich.

    We ended up getting one of the A gates at ZRH, but had to wait a bit longer than usual as no one was actually present at our gate so that the jetway could be moved into position. Just as most of us thought we might be spending more time at the gate rather than in the air, the jetway moved into position and we were finally allowed to disembark the aircraft.
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    Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt am Main
    18 June 2011

    Buffet and Specials



    Consomme with vegetables

    Tom Ka Gai
    Thai chicken soup with coconut milk, cilantro and chilli

    Fish soup “Andaluz”

    Local Special

    Bavarian “Leberkäse”
    Creamy potato salad, brezel, sweet mustard

    Fried potatoes

    Steak & Salad

    Seared fillet of beef
    Eggplant salad, crispy rosemary chips


    Spinach-ricotta cannelloni
    Creamy tomato sauce, pine nuts, parmesan


    Fried Seabass
    Grilled vegetables


    Chicken wok
    Chicken breast, chilli, sweet soya sauce


    “Wiener Schnitzel”
    Potato salad, cucumber salad, cabbage salad


    Fillet of beef / chanterelle


    Antipasti (cold)

    Grilled vegetables

    White eggplant puree

    Shallots with aged balsamic vinegar

    Buffalo mozzarella

    Parmesan / Manchego

    Prosciutto di Parma

    Jamon Iberico / Pata Negra

    Grilled green asparagus


    Chanterelle salad

    Cured salmon / cilantro crème fraiche

    Beef tataki / green beans / pesto

    Eggplant / tomatoes / pine nuts

    Grilled goat cheese / fennel saltimbocca

    Prawn / tomato-horseradish sauce

    Salmon avocado tarte

    Crayfish salad

    Tapas (warm)

    Calamares fritos / fried baby calamari

    Alcachofas fritas / fried artichokes

    Albondigas / meatballs in tomato sauce

    Gambas a la plancha / fried prawns

    Smoked Salmon

    Scottish smoked salmon – Loch Fyne
    Horseradish cream, cream cheese, toast or bagel


    DO & CO’s Mousse au chocolat


    Toffee parfait

    Strawberries / liquid cream

    Berry ragout

    Fresh fruit salad

    Viennese apple strudel

    Selection of sorbets

    Austrian style chocolate soufflé

    Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce
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    Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt am Main
    18 June 2011



    Apollinaris (still or sparkling) (Germany)

    Evian (still) (France)

    Stattl. Fachingen (medium) (Germany)

    Perrier (sparkling) (France)

    San Pellegrino (sparkling) (Italy)

    Voss (still or sparkling) (Norway)

    Vöslauer (still or sparkling) (Austria)

    Fruit Juices








    Tropical Fruit (“multivitamin”)



    Mao Fruchtsaft
    lemon grass, pomegranate, pomelo, mango, pineapple, or lychee

    Fresh Juices









    Soft Drinks

    Coca Cola

    Coca Cola Light

    Coca Cola Zero



    Bitter Lemon

    Ginger Ale

    Tonic Water

    Soda Water

    Red Bull

    Red Bull Sugar Free

    Wellness Drinks

    Carpe Diem


    Kombucha Quitte

    Kombucha Cranberry

    Homemade Drinks

    Lime & lemon juice, sugar and soda

    Ice Tea
    Ceylon Orange Pokoe, sugar and lemon juice



    Doppelter Espresso

    Kleiner Brauner

    Grosser Brauner




    Latte Macchiato

    Café Crème

    Espresso Macchiato

    Doppelter Espresso Macchiato


    Irish Coffee

    Ice Coffee

    Coffee selection also available decaffeinated.

    Hot Chocolate


    Assam Bukhial Second Flush

    Ceylon Orange Pekoe

    Darjeeling Lingia First Flush

    Earl Grey Imperior

    English Breakfast

    Five O’Clock Tea

    Chai Tea

    Decaffeinated Darjeeling

    Formosa Oolong II

    White Apricot Tea

    China Lung Ching Green Tea

    China Wujuan Jasmine

    Green Tea Ginger-Lemon

    Fruit Tea




    Rooibos Caramel

    Herbal Tea

    Lemon Grass

    Champagne and Prosecco

    Prosecco “Brusole” Case Bianche (Valdobbiadene, Italy)

    Champagne Taittinger Brut Reserve (Reims, France)

    Champagne Taittinger “Rose” Brut (Reims, France)

    Champagne Ruinart Brut (Reims, France)

    Champagne Mandois Blanc de Blancs (France) (2004)

    Champagne Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee (France)

    White Wines

    Weingut Robert Weil Trocken Riesling (Rheingau, Germany) (2010)

    Van Volxem Saar Riesling (Saar, Germany) (2006)

    Weingut F. X. Pichler Grüner Veltliner Smaragd (Wachau, Austria) (2007)

    Mount Nelson Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) (2009)

    Calitera Sauvignon Blanc (Curicó Valley, Chile) (2007)

    Jadot Chardonnay (Bourgogne, France) (2009)

    Tenute Grandi & Gabana Pinot Grigio Doc (Friaul, Italy) (2009)

    Marques de Riscal Verdejo Rueda Do (Rueda, Spain) (2009)

    Red Wine

    Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. (Toscana, Italy) (2006)

    Tormaresca Neprica Puglia IGT (Apulien, Italy) (2009)

    Bodegas San Pedro Rioja Vallobera Crianza Doca (Rioja, Spain) (2007)

    Chateaux Senejac Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois Supérieur AOC (Medoc, France) (2008)

    Rosemount Shiraz Diamond Label (Australia) (2008)

    Leon Hillinger Blaufränkisch (Neusiedlersee, Austria) (2007)

    Alexander von Essen Pinotage (Stellenbosch, South Africa) (2009)

    Rose Wine

    Re Manfredi Rosado IGT (Basilikata, Italy) (2008)

    Dessert Wine

    J. J. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Spätlese (Germany) (2007)

    Kracher Beerenauslese (Austria) (2008)

    Draft Beer

    Becks (Bremen, Germany)

    Radeberger (Dresden, Germany)

    König Pilsner (Duisburg, Germany)

    Bottled Beer

    Budweiser (Czech Republic)

    Carlsberg (Denmark)

    Corona (Mexico)

    Fosters (Australia)

    Heineken (Netherlands)

    Köstritzer (Germany)

    Kronenbourg 1664 (France)

    Ottakringer (Austria)

    Warsteiner (Germany)

    Sion Kölsch (Germany)

    Wheat Beer

    Franziskaner Hefe (Germany)

    Franziskaner Kristall (Germany)

    Franziskaner Dunkel (Germany)

    Franziskaner Alkoholfrei (Germany)

    Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Clausthaler (Germany)

    Apfelwein (Apple Wine)

    Possmann (Germany)


    Strongbow (UK)




    Martini Bitter

    Ouzo No. 12





    Chartreuse 40%

    Chartreuse 55%

    Fernet Menta


    Fernet Branca

    Nonino Amaro



    Chateau de Beuil VSOP

    Pâpidoux Fine


    Camus Grand VSOP

    Hennessy Fine de Cognac

    Hennessy XO

    Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac

    Otard VSOP

    Otard XO Gold


    Château de Laubade XO


    Carlos Primero Solera Gran Reserva

    Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva

    Conde de Osborne Solera Gran Reserva

    Osborne Veterano Solera


    Absolut (Wheat) (Sweden)

    Absolut Citron (Wheat) (Sweden)

    Absolut Mandarin (Wheat) (Sweden)

    Finlandia (Barley) (Finland)

    Green Mark (Wheat) (Russia)

    Green Mark (Cedar Nut) (Russia)

    Green Mark (Rye) (Russia)

    Grey Goose (Wheat) (France)

    Stolichnaya (Wheat) (Russia)


    Beefeater (London Dry Gin 40% vol)

    Bombay Sapphire (London Dry Gin 40% vol)

    Gordon’s (London Dry Gin 37.5% vol)

    Hendrick’s Gin (Scotland 44% vol)

    Saffron Gin (France 40% vol)

    Tanqueray (London Dry Gin 47.3% vol)

    Whitley Neill (London Dry Gin 42% vol)


    Shinzui (Die Quitessenz)

    Zuikan Aigamo – Kame No O (Enten Sake)

    Shiraume Ginjo – Umeshu (White Plum)


    Kouriyama Imo


    Camino Real Blanco

    Don Julio (100% Agave Añejo)

    Jose Cuervo (Especial blanco)

    Jose Cuervo (Especial Gold)

    Patron (100% Agave Silver)

    Patron (100% Agave Añejo)


    Antinori (Tignanello)

    Altesino (Grappa di Brunello)

    Fontana Fredda (Grappa di Nebbiolo da Barolo)

    Nonino (Grappa di Moscato)

    Nonino (Vuisinar)

    Poli (Sarpa Riserva)

    Fruit Schnapps

    apple, raspberry, elderflower, cherry, apricot, quince, pear, plum

    apricot, rowan berry, yellow plum


    Cartavio (12 Años)

    Bacardi (Carta Blanca Rum)

    Bacardi (Carta D’Oro Rum)

    Bacardi (Carta Negra)

    Bacardi (8 Años)

    Havana Club (Blanco)

    Havana Club (3 Años)

    Havana Club (Añejo Especial)

    Havana Club (Añejo 7 Años)

    Myers’ (Dark Rum)

    Pitú (Cachaça)

    Pyrat (XO)

    Zacapa (Centenario 23 Años)

    El Dorado (21 years)

    Saint-Etienne (VSOP)


    Amaretto Disaronno


    Batida de Coco

    Benedictine DOM



    Crème de Cassis


    Grand Marnier


    Lufthansa Cocktail


    Pepino Peach

    Pimm’s No. 1

    Heering Cherry Liqueur


    Southern Comfort

    Tia Maria


    Sandeman Dry Seco

    Sandeman Medium Dry

    Sandeman Rich Golden


    Martini Extra Dry

    Martini Bianco

    Martini D’Oro

    Martini Rosso

    Noilly Prat Dry

    Port Wine

    Sandeman Tawny Porto

    Sandeman White Porto

    Warres’ 2000 Late Bottled Vintage
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    Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt am Main
    18 June 2011

    Drinks (continued from previous)


    Blended Scotch

    Ballantine’s Finest

    Ballantine’s 12 years

    Chivas Regal 12 years

    Clan Campbell 12 years

    Cutty Sark 6 years

    Dewar’s White Label

    Dimple 15 years

    The Famous Grouse Finest

    The Famous Grouse 12 years

    The Famous Grouse 18 years

    Glob Kitty

    J & B

    Johnnie Walker Red Label

    Johnnie Walker 12 years Black Label

    Johnnie Walker 18 years Gold Label

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label

    VAT 69 Finest

    Scotch Single Malt Whisky


    Aberlour 10 years

    Aberlour A’Bunadh Cask Strength

    Balvenie 12 years Double Wood

    Ferintosh 10 years

    Glenfarclas 10 years

    Glenfarclas 12 years

    Glenfarclas 21 years

    Glenfiddich 15 years

    Glenfiddich 21 years

    Glenlivet 12 years

    Glenlivet 15 years

    Glenluig 10 years

    Knockando 12 years

    Macallan 12 years

    Macallan 18 years

    Mortlach 15 years

    Central Highlands

    Dalwhinnie 15 years

    Northern Highlands

    Glenmorangie 10 years

    Glenmorangie 18 years

    Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

    Glenmorangie Lasanta

    Glenmorangie Nektar d’or

    Eastern Highlands

    Glen Garioch 15 years

    Western Highlands

    Oban 14 years


    Glenkinchie 12 years

    Kincaple 10 years


    Springbank 15 years

    Isle of Islay

    Ardbeg 10 years

    Ardbeg Uigedail Cask Strength

    Caol Ila 12 years

    Druichan Islay 10 years

    Lagavulin 16 years

    Laphroaig 10 years

    Laphroaig 18 years

    Isle of Mull

    The Craignure 12 year

    Isle of Orkney

    Higland Park 12 years

    Scapa 16 years

    Isle of Skye

    Talisker 10 years

    Vatted Malt

    Glen Grant

    Johnnie Walker 15 years Green Label

    Compass Box “Peat Monster”

    We preferably serve our single malt selection with Scottish Highland “Royal Deeside Still Mineral Water”

    Irish Blended Whiskey

    Jameson 12 years



    Tullamore Dew

    Irish Malt Whiskey

    Bushmills 10 years

    Connemara Peated

    Locke’s 8 years

    Tyrconnell Pure Pot Still

    Bourbon Whiskey

    Four Roses

    Jim Beam

    Jim Beam 8 years Black Label

    Maker’s Mark

    Wild Turkey 8 years

    Woodford Reserve

    Tennessee Whiskey

    Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

    Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

    Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

    Canadian Whiskey

    Canadian Club

    Crown Royal

    Old Canada

    Exotic Whiskey

    Suntory Yamazaki 12 years (Japan)

    Milford 10 years (New Zealand)

    Reisetbauer 7 years (Austria)

    Robert Fleischmann Schwarzer Pirat 13 years single cask (Germany)

    Lantenhammer Slyrs (Germany)


    Champagne Cocktails

    Champagne, orange juice

    Bellini Cocktail
    Champagne, white peach puree

    Kir Royale
    Champagne, Crème de Cassis

    Champagne, Otard XO, Cointreau, orange juice

    Red Star
    Champagne, Bacardi carta d’oro, Herring cherry liqueur, pineapple juice

    Martini Cocktails

    Martini Cocktail
    Hendrick’s Gin, Noilly Prat, olive or lemon twist

    Grey Goose, Noilly Prat, 2 olives or lemon twist

    Vesper (James Bond Martini)
    Hendrick’s Gin, Grey Goose, Noilly Prat

    French Martini
    Grey Goose, Chambord, pineapple juice

    Apple Martini
    Daron Calvados, Martini bianco, Martini dry, apple juice

    Bombay Gin, Martini bianco, Martini rosso, orange juice

    Classic Cocktails

    Daiquiri (available with fruit flavour or frozen)
    Bacardi Carta Blanca, lime juice, sugar

    Classic Margarita (available with fruit flavour or frozen)
    Jose Cuervo Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice

    Sours & Fizzes
    Spirit of your choice, lemon juice, sugar, soda

    Cuba Libre
    Havana Club 3 years, limes, Coca Cola

    Mai Tai
    Myer’s Rum, Apricot Brandy, pineapple juice, lime juice, almond syrup

    Havana Club 3 years, limes, fresh mint, sugar, soda

    Mojito Royal
    Havana Club 7 years, limes, fresh mint, sugar, Champagne

    Pitú, limes, brown sugar

    Piña Colada
    Myer’s Rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, cream

    Long Island Iced Tea
    Bombay Gin, Absolut Vodka, Triple Sec, Havana Club blanco, sugar syrup, lemon juice, Coke

    Anytime Cocktails

    Hendrick’s Gin, Campari, Rosso Vermouth

    Campari, Martini rosso, soda

    Singapore Sling
    Hendrick’s Gin, Herring Cherry Liqueur, DOM Benedictine, lemon juice, soda, pineapple juice

    Bombay Crushed
    Bombay Sapphire, kumquats, lime juice, sugar

    Absolut Citron, Cointreau, cranberry and lime juice

    Sex on the Beach
    Absolut Vodka, Pepino Peach, orange juice, cranberry juice

    Bloody Mary
    Absolut Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, spices

    Swimming Pool
    Absolut Vodka, Blue Caracao, Havana Club blanco, coconut syrup, cream, pineapple juice

    Vanilla Sky
    Licor 43, vanilla ice-cream, orange juice

    Summer Breeze
    Havana Club 7 years, limes, fresh mint, pomegranate pips, brown sugar, soda

    Virgin Cocktails

    Coconut Kiss
    Grenadine, coconut syrup, cherry and pineapple juice, cream

    Milk, mango syrup, passionfruit and mango juice

    Fruit Punch
    Orange juice, pineapple juice, cherry juice, lemon juice

    Apple Cooler
    Grenadine syrup, lemon juice, apple juice, bitter lemon

    Limes, fresh mint, brown sugar, ginger ale

    Bottermelk Fresh
    Lemon juice, yoghurt, vanilla ice-cream, mango juice
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    Wow, this is some great stuff! Nice job!
  14. TheBeerHunter
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    Can't wait to read more of the story...don't keep us hanging too long! :D
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    Current Location: Main Terminal, Zurich Airport, Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland
    Current Time: 1830h GMT+1,
    9 hours 30 minutes after getting out of bed

    Once they finally connected the jetway and we got into the terminal, finding the way back up to the departures area was a piece of cake. I wanted to at least get a little bit of scouting and photos before I relegated myself to whatever comforts there were in the Swiss First Lounge.

    Zurich Airport is styled in typical Swiss style - very simple with simple (or looking like) materials; plenty of timber and as much of a 'natural' look as possible. One face of the terminal was glass (like most terminals these days) and the light on the terminal in the afternoon made for a very pleasant setting; very calming. The many shops that abounded the terminal all looked very refined. And for those of you who still have a sweet tooth to fill, there is no shortage of chocolate shops, including Lindt and Sprungli.



    Zurich Airport

    One odd thing upon landing is that there was no one to meet me outside my aircraft. Sometimes (probably most noticeable with LH when landing into FRA), if you have an onward connection in First (or arrived in First), there will usually be someone to meet you at the aircraft. This is probably more common when you land at a gate which is a standoff bay. Not that I minded at all.

    The other odd thing is that the entrance to the Swiss First Lounge is oddly located, almost on its own and quite some distance away from the J Lounge.

    Entrance to the LX ZRH F Lounge
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    Current Location: Swiss First Class and HON Circle Lounge, Main Terminal, Zurich Airport, Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland
    Current Time: 1915h GMT+1,
    10 hours 15 minutes after getting out of bed

    Once I got to the top of the stairs, the lounge attendants at reception checked my details and I was into the LX F Lounge. I even got a small tour of the lounge by one of the attendants, though the lounge is quite small so there wasn't much of a tour to speak of. The lounge looked "just big enough"; probably a good thing that LX doesn't have much F pax to cater for, and HON Circle members are far and few between (or supposedly anyway).

    Once again, almost like the airport itself, but even better, the combination of tones and "naturalness" created a calming environment in only the way that Swiss (and the Swiss people) could.


    Seating in the ZRH F Lounge

    View outside the ZRH F Lounge, looking towards Pier E

    Sweet, savoury or "Schokolade" - whatever your fancy, every coffee table in the ZRH F Lounge has you covered

    The LX F Lounge provides pretty much all the luxuries required for a great lounge - a decent self-service buffet selection, a small restaurant for light meals, bathrooms including showers, a light entertainment area and business area. It really is a great place to relax in and not do much.
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    Excellent Nespresso coffee

    Self-serve buffet at LX F Lounge

    Champagne (and others) Bucket

    One thing I like about LX is that their food can be quite adventurous. Fusion or taking risks with cuisine is always fraught with danger, and tends to polarise people (you either really like it or you absolutely hate it - there's no in-between), and I'm not different in this regard. But when it's done well, it is absolutely excellent. (One reason why I like Neil Perry's (Qantas culinary advisor) and Luke Mangan's (Virgin Australia culinary advisor) bona fide foods is similar in reason to here). There's no fun in being normal - sure, it's easier to "do well", but then everyone should be... (yes, SQ, I'm staring at you...)

    In saying that, LX has definitely taken some ideas to a new level. Some of the offerings sounded quite novel to me, and in some cases I'm not brave enough to try what was on offer. I think it was the game meat that scared me off more than anything. (No, I have no phobias, I never owned a pet rabbit before...)

    On offer on this servery: "Jellied Rabbit with Cress", "Grilled Pepper with Fresh Cheese" and "Fish Praline with Dill-curd Cheese". Would you give these a go?

    Just like in the LH FCT, wifi in this lounge is - thankfully - free of charge. But just like the LH FCT, you need to obtain a special voucher or pass with code instructions to use the internet for free (else, you'll end up paying). (You also need to get additional free passes if you stay connected for a long time, because each session only lasts so long). I had to use the bathroom at this point, so it was a good chance to see how well appointed they were.

    Vanity inside the bathroom. Those aren't disposable towels - they are real cloth towels. You use one and put it in the basket provided.
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    Once I was back outside, I started firing up the laptop to do some more work and check messages, whilst tucking into this gem of a treat:

    Pistachio Mousse, Peach Shot with Champagne, and Black Forest Gateau

    The timeless summer in Europe means that even until quite late at night, the sun still shines quite well. It wasn't until it really started to get late and much close to when I had to board that night fell. Along with nightfall came some clouds and light rain. Hope it wasn't going to hold us back too much, given it has already been a very windy day in Zurich.

    The incessant typing up of emails, comments on documents and Twitter seemed to while away the time quite well. Night fell and I surmised that I had to try the little restaurant, as well as have a shower before my long haul across to Asia. I made a booking for the shower room at reception, not because it's a really busy time, but rather just to make sure I could use it at a designated time and it would be cleaned and ready. I then headed to the restaurant, which was complemented with a small bar, and a television showing the latest sport (of course, football, or soccer for those of you who not as...*cough* cultured *cough* :p - just kidding...).

    Restaurant Area

    Bar with TV...and FIDS board

    Table at the LX F Lounge restaurant, set up and ready

    I had a seat at a table and was promptly given the "Pre-Flight Dinner" menu. I suppose this was appropriate for those who wanted to eat on the ground, then get to sleep as soon as possible once in the air. As I wanted to reserve my stomach for the in-flight dining experience, I tried to choose out only two courses, and lighter ones at that. My waiter took my order and it did not take long before my courses were ready. (It did help that there was only one other person present in the restaurant at the time).

    Once again, LX really do show their creative flair on the menu items. The presentation was another incredible dimension. Again, I showed a bit of my wimpy side when it came to approaching the menu as I tried to select the most "non-threatening" options, even though in theory the menu itself looked very, very appetising.
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    Parfait de foie gras and veal tatar with bacon chip, apricot bread and jelly multivitamin

    Apricot sorbet with wild berries and champagne. The champagne is poured freshly into the goblet once served at the table.

    A tasty morsel later, it was time to have my pre-flight shower. The shower rooms in this lounge are definitely not as large as the ones in the LH FRA FCT, and are actually quite small IMO when compared to quite a few lounges around the world (both J and F lounges). However, it was suitable for purpose and well appointed.

    LX F ZRH Lounge shower room. Small, but functional.

    Shower room vanity

    Bvlgari amenity set provided in every shower room

    I had a nice, long, reinvigorating shower. By the time I finished and packed up, it was almost time to get ready for boarding.
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    When you arrive in the lounge, your flight is confirmed and you're basically asked by the lounge attendants to negotiate a time when you want to leave the lounge. You then go back to the front desk at this pre-arranged time so that you can be ferried to your flight.

    As I fronted the reception, the lounge ladies had been expecting me; one of the attendants warmly accompanied me to the lift which descended to a special departures area, complete with just one security screening point and one passport control point. I quickly passed security screening - managing to bring the full Bvlgari set with me (somehow) - and followed up with the immigration procedures until we were further ushered outside to a waiting vehicle (I think this was also a Mercedes - could be wrong). There were a few of us heading to the same flight, so they put a few of us in the same vehicle going to Pier E. Normally, to get to Pier E (if you're not privileged enough to get a special transport), you need to take an underground shuttle train (similar to the APM in HKG airport, though I've been told that the "sounds of the Swiss Alps" can be heard whilst on this transport). Instead, three lucky gentlemen, including myself, got to get up close with the aircraft as we headed across the tarmac to Pier E.

    Our transport to Pier E

    Current Location: in transit to Pier E, Zurich Airport, Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland
    Current Time: 2210h GMT+1,
    13 hours 10 minutes after getting out of bed

    Once we arrived at Pier E, it was a rather underwhelming experience from there. We arrived at a common disembarkation / loading point at Pier E, then ushered into a lift where we ascended 2 floors up to the main departures concourse. After that, we were left to our own devices to find where our flight was, and to move towards it. Luckily, a few of us managed to find the FIDs as well as directional signs, so we found our flight to BKK, where we strode right into the jetway thanks to priority boarding lanes.

    A very plain hall in Pier E

    Waiting in the jetway to board the Airbus A340-300 going to BKK

    Flight: Swiss International Air Lines LX180 Zurich (ZRH) - Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (BKK)
    Depart: Sched 2245h; Actual 2257h
    Duration: 10 h 50 min
    Distance: 5,631 mi (9,062 km)
    Aircraft: HB-JME "Lausanne" Airbus A340-300
    Class: First
    Seat: 2K

    Once I stepped onto the aircraft, I was greeted by the purser and directed to the left into the First class cabin. The LX Airbus A340s still only had the old LX First product, with the new product (looking much like the new LH A380 product) on A330s only. However, despite the cabin's old fashioned appearance, it still looked quite comfy, intimate and pleasant to the eye. Tonight, only 6 of the 8 seats in First were occupied; with 2G free of any pax, I felt very much gifted with much space with my being seated in 2K.


    Swiss A340 old First cabin
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    Each seat was upholstered in very comfortable navy fabric and a soft cushion. Slippers were laid out at each seat near the ottoman, and a couple of strong coat hangers supplied to hang coats and jackets in preparation to be placed in the locker.

    My seat, 2K

    First bar, located at the front of the cabin, just in front of seats 1D and 1G

    Once I got settled into my seat, I was greeted by the two excellent FAs who would be taking care of those of us in the First cabin - Karin and Robert. Both were very professional and yet considerate. Karin offered to get me a pre-flight drink, and I nominated to order some champagne, which turned out to be Laurent-Perrier. The champagne was promptly delivered, along with an amuse-bouche, an amenity kit, a sleeper suit and a moist towel.

    Pre-flight champagne

    Amuse-bouche. Karin was happy to explain to me what this was - scallop with wasabi mayonnaise, beans and bread sticks.

    Moist towel served on a plank
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    LX F amenity kit, with case by Bally and cosmetics by La Prairie. Next to this was a comfy sleeper suit.

    Our pushback was slightly delayed, but that gave all of us all the more time to get settled in the cabin, as well as enjoy the pre-flight grazing. Once we were pushed back, I said my goodbyes to Europe as I started heading back to my side of the world... and further into my mileage-meddling madness to follow....

    An amusing ad I found in the in-flight magazine.

    My attempt to photograph Zurich Airport Pier E as we started to taxi out to the runway. Auf wiedersehen, Europe!

    Our ascent into the night sky followed a fairly sharp angle of attack, and had a fair share of bumps, too. Once we were at cruise, the cabin buzzed into life as preparations for dinner were under way.

    One major drawback of LX, in any class (but particularly F it hits harder, I guess), is the lack of decent IFE. I think this might be solved in the new cabins, but the IFE selection available on this aircraft was rudimentary and limited, to say the least. It didn't matter me too much, as I don't watch a whole lot of TV, period, but it might be a major problem for some others. Apart from that, the personal screens in LX F are no where near as big as the new equipment. Bring a device suitably stocked with your favourites if you're concerned...

    LX F personal IFE screens, this one showing the moving map.

    I had a look through the impressive-looking Swiss First menu, which was written in English, German and French. Karin soon came around to take dinner orders, lay out the table cloth and offer aperitifs. I placed my orders with Karin's help, and nominated for a lemonade with a good wedge of lemon for my pre-dinner drink.

    Dinner aperitif of lemonade with lemon wedge...and bringing out my inner child / secret cartoon addiction, in the form of an amusing episode of Tom and Jerry
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    LX F table is set

    A unique personal bread basket - there are many kinds of breads here; you simply tear away the one(s) which you would like to have.

    In the interests of not getting too full or too drunk, I decided to ease off alcohol and didn't have any wines with my meal. My meal started off with the filleted salmon. Eons ago, Swiss, like its integrated partner Lufthansa, used to serve caviar in First, but now it's been replaced with filleted Balik salmon. I don't think they made a bad decision - this salmon was very, very tasty, as Karin made no reservations in telling me. True to her word, that was fantastic salmon, and nicely accompanied with the blini and cream. I would easily have more of this if I could reserve the room for it.

    Fillet of Balik salmon with blinis and sour cream.

    I also tried another appetiser, which in this case was the lobster cocktail, all of which was served cold by design. Interesting dish which tasted good enough, the lobster prepared to just the right consistency. The cucumber soup had a subtle sharpness in it thanks to the ginger. Might not be everyone's taste, but enjoyable enough.

    Lobster cocktail with papaya salad; cold cucumber soup with ginger, and tomato focaccia.

    Next up on the menu is a salad. The salad is actually not a standard course, but rather one of the "first courses", so you'll need to specifically ask for it. (The dinner courses are "first course", main course, cheese and dessert; of course, you can always request more than one of a particular course).

    Salad of grilled courgettes (zucchini) and yellow cherry tomatoes.
  24. anat0l
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    My main course was up next, of which I had selected the interesting 'fusion' item of the lamb loin. Lamb is always a fascinating choice because it is very difficult to prepare lamb well for in-flight consumption (possibly even more difficult than preparing steak). The lamb loin was served, and was definitely a treat. The lamb was prepared pretty much on the mark and was well complimented with the poaching sauce. The aubergine (eggplant) wontons was definitely a bit of a gamble, but funny enough turned out to be not bad. Probably not spectacular, but it was markedly different in a good way.

    After Karin served my lamb, she offered some cracked pepper on my dish, as well as offering a separate vegetable selection consisting of steamed carrots, potatoes and snap peas. I haven't had vegetables served with my main like that for a very long time in any restaurant or food service environment. A very unique service gesture by Swiss!

    Lamb loin poached in red wine, with aubergine-filled wontons and ratatouille.

    Steamed snap peas offered from the vegetable plate, separate of the main course.

    As you can imagine, even for a big person like me, I was starting to get quite full! Karin still, in her kindness, encouraged me to sample the endgame selections, so I consented to a cheese plate. Karin even took the time to show me what all of the different cheeses were. The only drawback for me was that a single packet of biscuits was supplied to complement this cheese plate; hardly enough IMO, though those who enjoy cheese might just appreciate it on its own without the "distraction" of crackers and the like.

    Selection of Swiss artisan cheese.

    I'm a fan of dessert wine (or "stickies" as we call them in Australia), and LX had one on the menu. I couldn't help but sample it! The dessert wine was a Sauternes.

    Bottle of Sauternes.
  25. anat0l
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    Glass of Sauternes

    After the cheese plate, Karin tried to persuade me to try the devine chocolate hurricane for dessert, however given I wanted something a bit more subdued, I opted for the apricot tarte tatin instead.

    Warm apricot tarte tatin with strawberry sauce and Gruyere double cream ice-cream.

    Finally, to round out both dessert and the meal, I asked for a Nespresso. Normally I'm a latte drinker, but for such fine coffee and with a subtle smoothness such as Nespresso, I opted to try it the typical European way, which is espresso straight-up, though I did have the milk jug on hand to add a little dash of milk here or there.

    Nespresso, with a beautiful crema.

    The coffee was served at the same time as an offering of pralines from the Sprungli box. Oh, yum...

    Sprungli pralines to accompany my coffee and round out the meal.

    Soon after I finished my meal, I had the FAs clear away my table as I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up before bed. Since 2G was unoccupied, Karin kindly offered that she make my bed in seat 2G rather than my allocated seat 2K. The bathrooms are clean enough - nothing special but they had all the necessary bells and whistles. Brushed my teeth, used the toilet, then out to the fairly dark cabin where my bed was made with a bottle of water at hand.

    My LX F bed made. You can just make out all the detail here; I couldn't take a better shot because obviously I'm not going to disruptively use flash in a darkened cabin.

    The LX old F beds simply have a cloth underlay. Apparently the new LX F beds have a mattress / doona underneath. Even though the lack of mattress obviously makes for a slightly tougher sleeping surface, I had no trouble getting satisfactorily comfortable in my LX F bed. The supplied pillow was nice and plump as I curled up, pulled the eye patch down and dozed off to try and get as much rest as I could.

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