Massive number of Hertz rentals this summer, very few GoldRewards posted

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    I've rented Hertz very often this summer, at GIG, GRU, SSA, REC, EDI, LHR, Oxford and elsewhere. Some locations, multiple times.

    But few of these rentals have posted GR to my account. I know some locations that use franchises don't post GR but this isn't my problem - their Brazil operation, for instance, certainly does claim to recognize and award GR. It says so online and on the posters in the respective franchise offices in which I spent some time (in between flying those 1x FD sectors, muahaha!)

    I waited a reasonable period (>2 weeks) then sent in an online claim request with nine of these rentals with RA #s and they were all denied. I can't understand this, because - for example - some other rentals contracted using the same portal ( executed at the same locations (e.g. EDI) at different times, did in fact credit correctly.

    I've heard elsewhere that customers have had issues obtaining GR credit for Hertz rentals, so what is recommended after you've tried the online claim and got nowhere?

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