Marriott MegaBonus Feb 1-April 30, 2011

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    Registration is required and available from December 16, 2010 through March 31, 2011.

    Various targeted offers reported:
    · 2 stays = 1 free night for a category 1 to 4 hotel. Limit of two free nights earned during the promotion. (This seems to be most common)
    · 20 nights = 35,000 points; 25 nights earns additional 15,000 for 50,000 points total.
    · 15 nights = 25,000 points; 20 nights earns additional 15,000 for 40,000 points total.

    The primary offer is one free night after every two stays with an earning limit of two free nights during the promotion period. Free nights are restricted to Marriott Rewards category 1 to 4 hotels. Marriott Rewards has 8 hotel reward categories. The vast majority of Marriott hotels are in categories 1 to 4 with over 2,500 hotels around the world in these four lowest categories .

    The major drawback of the free nights promotion is many major cities like San Francisco start at the category 5 level for any downtown hotels. New York takes a category 6 reward for any Manhattan property. There are plenty of properties, particularly major airports, where you can redeem a category 4 hotel night, however, you may find your options limited to the suburbs if you are planning free nights restricted to a category 4 hotel reward for a major city trip.


    Marriott also has a Triple miles MegaMiles promotion running during the same time frame. You must set your Marriott Rewards account earning preference to miles to view and register for MegaMiles.
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    Do you know whether the promotions can be combined? As a platinum I was able to downgrade from an excessively high-threshold points award into the Stay 2 get 1 promo. I am now wondering if I should switch to earning miles in order to get the MegaMiles bonus as well.
  3. Rumor has it you can earn the 2 free nights (earning set to points) and then switch earning setting to miles to earn MegaMiles but I'd like to hear confirmation from others.
  4. That worked last year switching into the DL miles promo.
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    I'm anxious to find out the answer to this myself.

    I'm in the 20 nights = 35,000 points; 25 nights earns additional 15,000 for 50,000 points total promotion.

    Will be staying well over 25 nights during the promotion and would love to switch to miles after I get my 50,000 points!

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