Marriott Marquis Times Square - REVIEW

Discussion in 'Marriott | Rewards' started by sophiegirl, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Upgraded to a 1Br K suite w/ South T Sq view. They are updating the rooms, and this one has been completed...working their way down, I beleive they are on 37 at this point.

    Brown/cream/gold replaces red/gold. 500+sq feet, 2 rooms, but only 1 bath. No dining area - but areas are set up in entry that (if one wanted) to have a cocktail party type thing you could do so. Mini frig. 2 thermostats. Connecting rooms are available on both sides. Work desk/area is in the BR and faces the wall. (pet peeve - why, when there is a fun, beautiful, or "other" type view - does the desk not look out over the view???:confused: ) Rooms are simpler, crisper, than former set-ups. As they are large, with floor to ceiling windows, they feel even more spacious.

    Bath does not appear to have been "re-done", just updated. Rain shower head, but still just a basic tub. Single sink. Still small(er) bath than truly new or completely remodeled properties.

    Elevator problems of old appear to be completely fixed. Biz center is open (and staffed) 24/7. 8th floor main lobby, separate set-up for elites. Golds and Plats can also be checked in at the CL on the 30th floor, or on the first floor check in desk..but that is only open limited hours, during peak periods. Fitness Center still overlooks TSq. Basically the main, public areas have not been remodeled - so if you have been here in the last 3 - 4 years it will feel the same to you.

    I find the staff here (at least the ones who interact most with the guests) do not turn over as rapidly as those in other Marriott's. I have not been here in almost 18 months, and still recognized (and was recognized by) the front desk Elite agents. CL host is the is the CL set-up.

    Food is average CL bottled still water. Sparkling only, in glass bottles. Guess people walking out with 8 -12 bottles finally broke the bank.

    It is not quiet, historic, or an inviting boutique property. It is a huge hotel, stuck right in the middle of the theatre district and often hosts conventions and conventioneers. It is busy, touristy, and (can be) pricey. When I am in NYC I don't mind any of those things, and the ability to walk to and from the theatres is a big plus for me. The views are spectacular, so if (like today) the weather is horrible you can be out and about without leaving your room. I can even see the Statue of Liberty...

    The advantages of East Side vs Ren 57 vs Financial district vs TSq can be argued infinitely. It all depends on what you want your NY experience to be. I like this hotel, and find it fits me well when I am in the city. YMMV.
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    Good and very fair review sophiegirl. I agree overall with what you have said- my only complaint is that the club lounge has been so busy in my experiences that it is not even worth attempting to enter. Service is good for such a huge hotel. Despite other reports I have not had a problem with the elevators in the last few years.

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