Marriott Courtyard - Stockholm 2 thumbs down

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    maybe my expectations for a Courtyard were too high :eek:

    the hotel gets really good reviews and was reasonably priced for Sweden but no air conditioning? I spend most of my time in Dubai or HK where the A/C settings are arctic or sub-arctic, so was a bit of a shock to have none when it was nearly 30C outdoors

    sitting in a stuffy room while sending off a few emails was not a good start to a 5 night stay

    my call to the front desk elicited a yawn, my 2nd call, a visit 15 minutes later by a lady who adjusted the A/C settings the same as me and told me it did not seem to be working, oh thank you

    no offer of a fan or change to another room, amazing

    the internet connection provided could not even hold a Skype connection, big disappointment and certainly will not see me booking a Marriott property again anytime soon

    grotty carpeting and dull interior

    middle of summer and the ice machine is broken, they had time to post bulletins in all the elevators but no time to fix the machine?

    I cancelled my next 4 nights and booked different accommodations


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    Write to corporate and complain. I did it with CY Hannover, the room was steaming hot (it was 30C outside and the AC was broken and window couldn't be open more than 1 inch). I wrote a comment to corporate and they credited me 2k MR points (I didn't expect anything - just want the corporate know that a CY can have no AC).

    A bit OT - the new CY Hong Kong has no heat! I was there in Feb and it was like 10C outside and the room was freezing cold, and then I told the FD and they let me change to a room with heat (not all the rooms have heat which I found it extremely ridiculous).
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