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    1. Stayed here with my daughter for 3 nights in January, 2011 - LNF rate with BB for the first 2 nights (one res) and a free night for the last (a separate res). Aside from a little snafu when the front desk agent combined the two reservations, even though I asked her not to do so (free night was booked originally when cert was valid but when she cancelled and combined, the cert had expired and they had to figure how to get the credit) They handled this well, but it did take quite a bit of my time at the front desk with various agents/managers. That was the only negative.
    2. Free ice scrapers at the front desk....which came in very handy as our rental car did not carry one. (Just after big blizzard.) Nice touch, in my opinion.
    3. As a platinum, we got a nice room on the concierge lounge level. Nothing exceptional about the room. The concierge lounge was closed on the weekend but I asked for, and received, coupons (2) for breakfast in their restaurant Summer/Winter. Excellent buffet breakfast. Although coupons were for healthy start breakfast, we were allowed the full buffet or could order from the menu. Some interesting and unique offerings included a special oatmeal (can't remember exactly what it was) and several others (again, I'm drawing a blank. I will be returning to this hotel in a couple of weeks so will update this report at that time. The view was peaceful....lots of pristine white snow blanketing the property. There is a smaller room and larger room for dining. We ate in each one - both were nice but the smaller back room was cozy. The wait staff was exceptionally friendly and accommodating. The restaurant has their own greenhouse just outside. My daughter was taking some photographs through the window and our waiter told her she could go outside through a door right there and actually go in the greenhouse. They really were wonderful.
    4. There is also a pub/bar just off the lobby. There was a private party there one night so we did not check it out. Next time.....
    5. Monday morning we had breakfast in the lounge. It's a very large lounge (this must be a prime business hotel) and the offerings seemed better than "standard". Again, we enjoyed our breakfast. Will fill in here in a couple of weeks, also. There were computers - even one with a touch screen.
    6. We didn't check out much more as our activities kept us out most of the day and into the evening. I'm looking forward to going back and seeing it all.
    Sorry about the numbering - can't figure out how to get rid of it.

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