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    I am planning my first trip on my SW using my point and companion pass that will be coming shortly. I have 15 Silver Elite points (one night in Cat 4 Marriott Hotel) and some Hilton Honors points. I have never redeemed for Hotel Loyalty so am unsure of how this works. It shows the Cosmopolitan on the Marriott website as a Cat 7. If I call Marriott am I going to be able to use some of my points to reduce the cost of the hotel vs get the one night free. I guess my question is Am I permitted to apply points to reduce hotel costs of higher category hotels? Are there any tips or tricks you can suggest I have not found yet on the websites I frequent?

    Also, if I book SW now and pay for it may I then cancel and rebook it with my points and Companion Pass once it arrives?

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    Marriott doesn't do Cash+Points like Starwood, so there's no way to apply some points to a room and pay the rest in cash. You'll need to have enough points for a free night redemption.

    As far as Southwest goes, from my understanding if you book with cash now, you can cancel later, but you won't get your cash back, you'll get a credit for use on a future WN flight.
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    Marriott online does let you reserve a room requiring more points than one has currently, so long as the points are accumulated within a few days of the date of the stay. ( I did this just yesterday, in fact.) So that may be an option for you if you can accumulate enough points via other Marriott stays, spending on a card that either earns Marriott points or transfers to Marriott (Marriott, CSP, INK cards, etc.) or via a signup bonus with one of the preceding cards.

    Marriott also does now have a cash and points option with at least some of its properties. If you search via the Marriott web site, you can search for redemptions by points or by cash and points.

    I haven't been lucky to find many cash plus points options on the Hilton properties I tried to book, but that can be an option you will find fro some. Hilton does not let you book on points before having all points in account, at least not to my knowledge. I would love to be proven wrong on that point, though. (I have points pending and a reservation I would like to make before the end of march when the points needed goes way up.) Both Hilton and Marriott will give you an option to buy the points you lack, but unless you need very few, that is not an economical option.

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