Marriott’s Global Pipeline of Nearly 50 New Hotels and Resorts

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    Marriott Hotels & Resorts, today has a global pipeline of nearly 50 new hotels and resorts which will open in the next four years, representing a multi-billion dollar investment in the brand by owners and franchisees worldwide.

    With more than 500 hotels and 180,000 rooms currently open in 54 countries, Marriott is the most widely distributed brand, with a concentration of hotels in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe, China and Mexico. Hotels under development will be mostly in emerging business and leisure destinations, with 24 hotels in the Asia Pacific region, 9 in the Middle East / Africa, 4 in Europe and 12 in the Americas.
    Paul Cahill, senior vice president, brand management for Marriott Hotels & Resorts, said, “Look for our hotels and resorts in many emerging business and leisure destinations, such as Jaipur, Cartagena, Algiers, Marrakech, Accra (Ghana), Kigali (Rwanda) and Vietnam.”

    The brand is also featuring new designs to its lobbies, restaurants, fitness facilities and guest rooms. The most remarkable new amenity is the new, reinvented Marriott Hotels & Resorts lobby. The social center of every hotel, this versatile, multi-purpose space allows guests to meet friends and colleagues, grab a bite to eat, plug in their devices and work either in small groups or alone but still be close to the action – any time of the day or night.

    Marriott Hotels & Resorts - Development Pipeline

    The Americas (12 hotels)
    • 223-room Marriott Mexico City – Santa Fe, Mexico (2012)
    • 425-room Chicago Marriott Naperville, USA (2012)
    • 200-room Milwaukee Marriott Downtown, USA (2012)
    • 278-room Cartagena Marriott Hotel, Colombia (2013)
    • 201-room Marriott Hotel Georgetown, Guyana (2013)
    • 250-room Atlanta Marriott Sugarloaf Parkway, USA (2013)
    • 232-room Marriott Memphis Southeast, USA (2013)
    • 284-room Peoria Marriott Downtown, USA (2013)
    • 1,175-room Washington Marriott Marquis, USA (2014)
    • 252-room Louisville Marriott Southeast, USA (2014)
    • 17-room Cartegena Marriott Residence, Colombia (2014)
    • 306-room St. Kitts-Marriott Residences at Frigate Bay, Saint Kitts and Nevis (2015)

    Asia Pacific (24 hotels)
    • 295-room Shanghai Marriott Luwan, China (2011)
    • 720-room Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, China (2011)
    • 319-room Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe, China (2011)
    • 365-room Jaipur Marriott Hotel, India (2011)
    • 199-room Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand (2011)
    • 392-room Haikou Marriott Resort and Spa, China (2012)
    • 328-room Shanghai Marriott Jinqiao Pudong, China (2012)
    • 418-room Wuxi Marriott Hotel, China (2012)
    • 324-room Bangalore Marriott Hotel Whitefield, India (2012)
    • 320-room Xi’an Marriott Hotel, China (2012)
    • 261-rom Mumbai Marriott Hotel Kurla (2012)
    • 310-room Marriott Zhuhai/Jida, China (2012)
    • 280-room Nha Trang Marriott Hotel, Vietnam (2012)
    • 118-room Mulu Marriott Resort, Malaysia (2012)
    • 114-room Marriott Residences Koh Samui at Laem Set Beach, Thailand (2012)
    • 300-room Bangalore Marriott Golf Resort & Convention Center, India (2013)
    • 354-room Shenzhen Marriott Hotel West, China (2013)
    • 155-room Koh Samui Marriott Resort & Spa at Laem Set Beach, Thailand (2013)
    • 250-room Hoi An Marriott Resort & Spa, Vietnam (2013)
    • 445-room Marriott Resort Xiangshui Bay, Sanya, China (2014)
    • 280-room Yiwu Marriott Hotel, China (2014)
    • 350-room Marriott Noida, India (2014)
    • 400-room Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang, China (2014)
    • 330-room Shanghai Marriott Hotel Minhang, China (2014)

    Europe (4 hotels)
    • 224-room Krasnodar Marriott Hotel, Russia (2012)
    • 152-room Marriott Amburan Beach, Baku, Azerbaijan (2013)
    • 272-room Marriott Helsinki Espoo, Finland (2013)
    • 180-room Marriott Hotel Skopje, Macedonia (2013)

    Middle East/Africa (9 hotels)
    • 254-room Kigali Marriott Hotel, Rwanda (2012)
    • 294-room Sahl Haseesh Marriott Beach Resort, Egypt (2012)
    • 209-room Accra Marriott Hotel, Ghana (2013)
    • 540-room Makkah Marriott Hotel, Saudi Arabia (2014)
    • 315-room Abu Dhabi Marriott Hotel, United Arab Emirates (2014)
    • 222-room Algiers Marriott Hotel, Algeria (2014)
    • 355-room Dubai Marriott Hotel Health Care City, United Arab Emirates (2014)
    • 187-room Marrakech Marriott Hotel, Morocco (2015)
    • 248-room Sharjah Marriott Resort, United Arab Emirates (2015)
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