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    I find it annoying that EVERY time I press this button, I'm asked if I want to take the action on the current forum or ALL forums. I think it would make more sense to remove the prompt.

    There are several workable possibilities here. Here are a few that immediately come to mind.

    1) Have a user preference for default behavior.

    2) Have one button to mark current forum read, another button (at the other end of the menu) to mark all forums read. Or maybe for this second one, it also has a confirmation page (similar to what happens today when you press mark forums read). This is to prevent people from accidently marking ALL forums read when they intended to only mark the current forum read.

    3) Make it a dropdown menu. If you hover over mark forum read for a second, maybe then it can present the mark all forums read option (though same concern as in #2).

    4) Go with a context-based option. If you're in a forum, it marks the current forum as read. If you're at the forum home page, it marks ALL forums as read.

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