March 3 Onward, Whose Award Rules and Procedures Are in Place?

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    United used to allow 3 day holds, but only when miles were already in an account. No holds (most of the time) without sufficient miles in the account, since miles were deducted at time of award hold [though I certainly held awards without miles deduction, and did 24 hour holds without miles in the account].

    Continental used to allow 3 day holds but only when there WEREN'T sufficient miles in the account, when there were enough miles for an award it was instant ticketing only though of course 24 hour free cancel applied.

    What procedure is in place?

    And how about routing rules? United allowed MPM+10% between any two city pairs. Continental didn't strictly enforce an MPM concept, if the computer would price it you could have the routing but if the computer wouldn't then getting the computer overridden was a very difficult task. (Even when there were obvious pricing glitches.)

    I've assumed we would see the Continental approach to both applied to the new combined program, has anyone seen it stated definitively yet?

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