[Mar 4, 2011] Android DevCamp 4-6 March 2010 @ PayPal (San Jose, Califoria)

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  1. Its not truly a meet-up, but maybe an opportunity to write some sort of travel app.

    I will be there with some other friends, so if you have some ideas for something easy, the develoeprs are free. I will be there with several others and the training cost is $40 USD. Its a good networking opportunity, even if you are not a programmer you can help test apps, suggest ideas or just learn a little about how its done.. The event on Sunday is free, is free; as is the food all weekend. Feel free to SMS me from my profile. This is also a contest with some pretty good prizes.

    This could also be a favorable mileage run to SJC, as PayPal is walking distance from the Airport.


    SVAndroid is now the nation's largest mobile development community (Face to face)! A great thanks goes out to all the volunteers, speakers, sponsors and members who helped make this happen!

    === Not Your Typical, Run-of-the-Mill Hackathon ===

    Instead of back-to-back presentations followed by several variations of "Hello World," Android DevCamp is all about designing, developing and demo-ing a full-featured Android application using Android technologies. While there will be opportunities to try new APIs and learn new features, teams will be expected to produce a real, working application in 2.5 days in return for free meals and a chance for fame and fortune, should one create the next killer app. The event kicks off on Friday, March 4, 2011, where ideas and teams will come together. Teams will have the rest of the weekend to build their applications. Teams will then present their work to the public on the evening of Sunday March 6, 2011 and winners will be chosen for each category specified on the Awards and Scholarships page.

    Cost: $40. Includes food during the entire event.
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