MAp concered about carpet not fading evenly at SYD T2

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    I just knew a post title like that would make you scratch your head, but that's a concern the operators of SYD have raised as to why they won't let JQ install self-check at T2.

    It's amongst a laundry list of complaints being raised by both QF and Toll Holdings against SYD airport owner/operator Macquarie Airports (MAp), asking for increased regulation of airports to stop abuse of monopoly market power:

    But let's talk about the important issues, unevenly fading carpet:

    Seriously MAp! Are you that obstructionist you'll complain about fading carpet to prevent an airline delivering a better pax expeirence? Of course you will, because we can't have them sitting in the terminal for longer admiring just how much you've let the place go to hell.

    The calls by Qantas and Toll have been backed by the powerful Board of Airline Representatives of Australia (BARA), which represents most of the international airline carriers using Australian airports.

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    Wow. Now I wonder if they should hire an attendant n the restrooms to assign ‘seating’. That would insure the door hinges wear evenly on the stalls. :eek:
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