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    From Infraero Google translate:

    Eduardo Gomes International Airport, Manaus

    Eduardo Gomes International Airport, Manaus (AM), is the gateway to the Brazilian Amazon. With the largest passenger flow in the northern region of the country, reaching 2.3 million passengers last year, the airport complex has been serving the purpose for which it was built 34 years ago: to strengthen the economy, tourism and national integration.
    Due to the characteristics of the region, the airport serves as a liaison between the region's cities and Manaus, and facilitate the air link between the Amazon capital and major cities. From the airport complex are also operated flights to cities in North and Central America with connections to Europe and Asia.
    The airport was built following the most advanced civil aviation standards of the time. For decades remained one of the most modern airports in Brazil. The first passenger terminal, with reinforced concrete structure, was the first country to operate with walkways and disembarkation of passengers.
    Eduardo Gomes International Airport has two passenger terminals, one to serve regular flights (domestic and international) and other regional aviation. It also has a complex cargo logistics, deployed in three stages, Logistics Terminal 1 opened in 1976, Terminal 2 in 1980 Logistics Logistics and Terminal 3 in 2004.
    Passenger Terminal I, which serves to regulate aviation (domestic and international), has six boarding bridges / landing, five fixed and a mobile, three rooms for domestic arrivals and international arrivals hall, four rooms for boarding domestic flights and a departure lounge for international flights, check-in counters, parking and security watchtowers. In the lobby are offered to customers and users of the airport a diversity of products and services such as information desk, tourist service center, car rental, special taxis, travel agencies, cosmetics, handicrafts, coffee shops, banking, bomboniérie, cloakrooms, newsstand and gift items.
    Passenger Terminal 2
    To meet the growing demands of regional aviation, was built Passenger Terminal 2, "Eduardinho", opened in March 12, 1985. The new terminal was built in an area attached to the Passenger Terminal 1. Currently Eduardinho has complete infrastructure to meet regional aviation passengers, for the integration of the Amazon region.
    He has a departure lounge room and a landing, a VIP room in its lobby and offers users the following services and products, such as information desk, banking services, lockers, car rental, snack bar, special taxis and banking magazine.
    The average daily flight operations is 110, including takeoffs and landings.
    In 2009 were registered 45,848 landing and takeoff and 2,350,306 passengers embarked and disembarked at the airport. In 2008 were registered 42,502 landing and takeoff and 1,898,694 passengers embarked and disembarked at the airport complex.
    Eduardo Gomes International Airport, in its two passenger terminals, airlines operate domestic and international.
    At Terminal 1 Logistics Work activities admission, export and domestic cargo receipt, while in Terminal 2 of Logistics operations are carried out on imports. Currently, the Logistics Terminal 3 is being completely restructured, receiving equipment, advanced technology, to further focus the activities of importation.
    Logistics Terminal 3 was opened on December 14, 2004, with the presence of the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, increasing the storage capacity of the airport.
    Throughout its existence the Eduardo Gomes International Airport received works provided that improvements in its facilities, such as resurfacing of the runway, expansion of aircraft parking apron of the Passenger Terminal 1, Terminal recovery patio Logistics and construction of road Access for Fire Fighting Car (ICC), modernizing the lobby, and adequacy of infrastructure to serve the handicapped.
    Even with these works, the airport needs to invest in infrastructure to meet the increasing flow of passengers.For this reason, Infraero plans to expand and modernize the Passenger Terminal 1, which has doubled the area, from the current 44,000 sqm to 87,000 sqm, raising the capacity to 5 million passengers per year.
    The project includes the provision of boarding and disembarking at different levels, increased numbers of parking spaces, an increase of two passenger bridges that go from 6 to 8. Also planned are a complete replacement of finishes, facilities, fitness new accessibility standards, improving the road network covered parking and landscaping complete.

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    Eduardo Gomes International Airport, Manaus, AM (MAO) is racing against time to complete their renovations to accommodate the World Cup traffic. Needless to say a mess. Given that volatile four games to take place in the as yet to be finished stadium.

    There are just two baggage conveyor belts in the baggage claim area as of last week ;)

    The separation between domestic and international gates at the departure lounge is through a glass door/partition. Given the infrequent international flights. There are three Lanches (a.k.a food counters/lunchonette) in the departure lounge serving below par sandwiches, but decent plate-of-the-day special.

    From the airport to the city center is fixed rate pre-paid taxi stand - It was BRL 58 fare as of mid October from Airport to City Center.

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