Manufacturer Per bank or Per Card on VR?

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    So I been wondering. When you all go and buy VR, do you use all card from Chase? or just 1 type of card from chase, and 1 card from another bank???
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    The card you purchase the VR is your choice. Chose the one you are trying to reach a minimum spend on or if you are purchasing VRs to earn extra miles, I would recommend the SPG Amex or Chase Sapphire Preferred.
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    I use whichever cards offer the best bonuses up to what I believe is the limit for what would be considered my "normal" spending in a month ($4,000/mo for me), so if I spend $2k on a Sapphire and $2k on Ink Bold, that would be fine. I basically don't go over $4k a month per bank. Which cards I use is irrelevant other than the ones I chose either to meet min spend or to get bonuses.
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    I do not buy Vr's just to get points, I use what ever card i am trying to meet minimum spend on, or i will use a particular card if there is a particular reward i am trying to reach, say i need 10k united miles to reach the 100k needed for a RT bussiness lass flight to europe, then i would manufacture the spend, if i had 105k in the united bank and only needed 100k i would not buy any VR's since the next award will be far away,
    remember vr's are not free the are close to 0.008 per miles, thats a great value when you need a small number, not such a great value if you need alot or are just increasing your points total
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    I bought 3 VR $500 prepaid cards using 3 different CC's. (Barclays, US Bank & Chase). All went thru just fine. I haven't bought more because I am in the hospital the last 9 days due to a hip fracture. (I have plenty of funds to cover my CC bills!-----always pay in full!!). Glad the hospital have free wifi!!:)

    I should be out of the hospital tomorrow and I plan to load the Bluebird and buy more VR's after I get out.

    I got approved for 6 CC's before I got hospitalized and am meeting min spends by prepaying my utilities, using the "jungle", and VR/Bluebird, etc

    I also pay my medical bills (deductible/out of pocket) with my CC's.
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