Man with Tourette Syndrome denied flight after saying "bomb"

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    A man with Tourette Syndrome was denied boarding a plane Thursday after he said the word “bomb.”
    Michael Doyle and Chaz Petteway are friends and travel companions. They were booked on a Jet Blue flight from Reagan National Airport to San Juan Puerto Rico Thursday to take part in a weekend Revolutionary War reenactment.

    "It was a really big deal for us. It was going to be fun. A very fun time," said Michael Doyle.
    Doyle says he was not allowed to board his flight because of his Tourette’s. But they'd planned ahead, alerting Jet Blue and the TSA about his so-called ticking. That’s frequent outbursts and vocalizing thoughts he's trying to suppress.

    “With all the stuff in the news about the Boston bombings and stuff... I started ticking 'bomb.' Because that when I get nervous and anything on my mind will come out. And things you're not supposed to say," said Doyle.

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