Man blames overweight seatmate for injury, sues airline

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    Man blames overweight seatmate for injury, sues airline
    USA Today
    Jelisa Castrodale
    July 31, 2015

    An Australian man has filed a lawsuit against Etihad Airways because he alleges that he injured his back as a result of all of the twisting and leaning (and possibly the deep, heavy sighing) he had to do while he was sitting next to a “grossly overweight”; passenger. James Andres Bassos says that he had to contort his body for more than seven hours during an October 2011 flight from Sydney to Dubai, including uncomfortable stretches of time when the other man not only spilled into his seat, but also “coughed and expelled fluid from his mouth”.

    Read the article here:
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    lol i dont even know what to say on this one..... i mean, it sounds like the guy has a flair for the dramatic...... A picture of the other guy would be helpful.....
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    Do not forget about the Hot McDees Coffee, the real problem started when the crew acknowledged a problem, and moved him, even through it was not a perminate one.

    Possession is 9 points out of 10.

    The body fluids is also a kicker....guy could have had HIV,

    They call it public transportation for a reason...
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    I view this as a passenger rights issue. Every passenger should be able to expect to be reasonably accommodated under all circumstances to sit without contorting themselves in the seat they bought. How this should be enforced is an open question.
    The contract of carriage for etihad states that the passenger is buying carriage only for the class of ticket specified without going into what that might include, so technically they may be in the right. But its a really crappy thing to have happened and any company that markets to the public should try to avoid conditions that might lead to injury or illness lest the politicians and judges tell them what they have to do.
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    As someone who once stood for almost an entire flight due to an enormous person occupying his seat and half of mine, I can fully understand how miserable that flight must have been. I was recently on an AA flight and a very large woman who boarded the plane was fortunate that a vacant seat was available, and after switching a few people she was accommodated. The purser chewed the gate agent a new rear end for not insisting the woman pay for two seats. She was very concerned that the woman was going to suffer the embarrassment of being asked to leave the plane. We only heard all of this due to sitting in the first row, as the purser was trying to be as discreet as possible.
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