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    I am finding that when I visit the Newsfeed the posts displayed are mostly of one or two people who most recently visited the board. While I absolutely find that information interesting, I think the opportunity to see more of a mix across the various posters I'm "following" would be preferable.

    I expect that some posters will slow down once the site is "live", but not necessarily as I have friends that are always active community posters and contribute frequently. That's for the good, of course, but I would lov eto see something of those that are only posting one or two things as well.

    As it is now, it depends on what time I visit the option as to who I see but I'm not getting the cross-section I was hoping for from this function.

    I am well aware that I can individually go into each person's "wall" and see what they've been up to lately, but newsfeed should've solved the need to do that or if it is necessary, give me a quick link option to get in there for each person I'm following.
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    I have the same problem with twitter - but resolve by using lists to break up those I follow into groups of people. Wonder if MP has functionality to do likewise?

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