Major Changes to Red Lion R & R Program

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    Changes coming to the Red Lion R&R Club........

    Dear flyingdawg

    As a registered member of the Red Lion R&R Club, the following is an important communication regarding the changes to the program that were announced May 31, 2014.

    We are pleased to announce an exciting evolution of the Red Lion R&R Club loyalty program. Based on member feedback and extensive insights from leading customer loyalty programs, we are transitioning the Red Lion R&R Club to a new dynamic customer recognition program.

    The problem with many point-based loyalty programs is that they generally require members to earn their status and tier level before receiving earned benefits. Fundamentally, we believe a more hospitable approach is in order. We believe it is up to us to earn the loyalty of our guests. And we very much intend to earn your business throughout every stay. Having listened to our most frequent guests and their desire to be recognized as an individual who stays with us on a regular basis, we set out to create a program that makes our guests stand apart from the crowd and treats everyone as an individual.

    The future Red Lion loyalty program is not your typical points-based membership with status and tiers. It is about recognizing and rewarding our members for doing things they already love to do. The future Red Lion loyalty program frees you from tracking your points while continuing to extend our most widely used member benefit, 15% off our best available rate through Lowest Rate Period, formerly known as Member Advantage. We are building a program that responds to your insights and communicates with immediate gratification. Several principles guide the future membership program. We want you to feel recognized with tailored experiences that fuel your passions while providing surprise and delight experiences. So, look for more information as we transition Red Lion R&R Club to the future Red Lion loyalty program.

    With the evolution to a new membership program, comes the expiration of the Red Lion R&R Club program. The last date for which we will issue miles or points for overnight stays will be May 31, 2014. Red Lion R&R Club members with a minimum of 10,000 points have six months to utilize their existing point balance. Any redemption for overnight stays must be reserved and used by November 30, 2014. Additionally, Red Lion R&R Club members can redeem points between now and November 30, 2014, for benefits with four airline partners or for gift cards with Costco, GC Incentives or Macy’s. More details are available online at

    As we work to transition in the next few months to our future loyalty program, those Red Lion R&R Club members who have earned tier status can be assured that we will continue to acknowledge you with the same benefits and upgrades specified by the Red Lion R&R Club. We appreciate your business and look forward to rolling out the details of our future Red Lion loyalty program.

    Red Lion Hotels Corporation
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    I got the same email a few weeks ago. I have never stayed at a Red Lion, but I did sign up for their (old) program a couple of months ago because one of their properties was a convenient and affordable choice for a trip coming up soon.

    Not that I really cared about the points (I doubt I will have regular stays in the future), but the vagueness of the email regarding the future program is somewhat baffling.
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