Mags for Miles jacks my miles!

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  1. Forgive the long story, but I get a note in the mail from Mags for Miles saying that I have 4,000 or so AA miles expiring and to hurry up and use them to buy magazine subscriptions. My balance is over 140,000 and none are expiring so my first though is - maybe I accidentally signed up for a second AA account at some point and I have those miles just sitting there. So I call AA and they can't find another account in my name. So then I call Mags for Miles and ask them what is the AAdvantage number tied to sending me that postcard (they had my name, address and the supposed miles balance).

    Nobody at Mags for Miles could tell me what the AAdvantage number was either. The guy on the phone says, go online and try to place an order, see if that shows your AAdvantage number. So I go on the website and he says, just select a bunch of Mags for your order and then proceed to checkout. So I do. No AA number appears and he still can't figure it out so I call it a day.

    Next day I get 2 emails, for orders that I placed! What! 14,700 miles worth of magazines! How could this be? Apparently, on Mags for Miles website, proceeding to checkout isn't like most normal websites, there is no "are you sure you want to place the order" page - it just goes right through.

    So of course I immediately call them and say the orders were not placed by me, it was an accident, they should never have gone through and I don't want them. Well they say the orders aren't in their system yet. How could this be, when I got an email confirming the order? They tell me it takes 3-5 days for the order to "show up" in their system. How this can be is beyond me. They said don't worry, it takes 6-8 weeks to process, you'll be fine just call us back.

    Well I called back at 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 10 days. No order in the system yet. I wait a week. Call back again. Yes the find the order, but guess what it has already been processed and nothing you can do. 14,700 miles gone for a bunch of batman magazines that you don't even want (and my shipping address isn't even correct so I doubt i'll even get the magazines!)

    I call to complain to Mags for Miles and they just say "policy is no refunds". Call AA they say the same thing. Some supervisor at Mags for Miles is escalating my problem to the billing department - but I don't feel great about it.

    What irks me the most is that I did not have to actually login to AA for the miles to be redeemed OR even enter my AA number!

    They just match my name and address with what they get from AA. So really, anyone can order without even knowing your AA number - all they need is your name and address. How ridiculous!

    Any suggestions for dealing with this? So pissed at this little Mags for Miles batman company right now.
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    I know your upset and blowing off steam, but instead of bashing the company.

    I suggest you write a letter to the chairman of the company explaining what happened. Make it extremely detailed, and void of emotion and accusations. Copy the BBB and your states AG office.
  3. Good advice. If they don't refund it, I'll have to do that. Any idea how to figure out who that is?
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    It is a kind of scummy system, but you could also have played your part better. Why did you need to come up with a fake address and pick 14,700 miles worth of subscriptions just to do a test? Couldn't you have used your own address and picked a 1,000 mile offer?

    My suggestion is to call AA and complain to them. They're the ones who enter into an agreement with Mags for Miles and who advertise them on their web site. They're also the ones who manage your AA account and can return miles or at least comp you some to make up the difference (even if they don't take them back from Mags for Miles).
  5. @Scottrick - I used my real address - the state was wrong so I'm not sure if I will get the mags (the zip is right so maybe). I picked a bunch because the guy told me to pick a bunch to go over the supposed amount I had (it was like 4,600 something). I just selected a whole row!

    I called AA - they said can't do anything about it, which surprises me because what if someone used my name and address to order these - then i'm out of luck? Sucks.
  6. An update for anyone that comes across this thread. Today, I received a personal e-mail from the Vendor Relations Manager from what appears to be a related entity to Mags for Miles.

    It was a personal e-mail saying they got the report of my problem from their call center and that he would ensure that the miles get credited back to my AAdvantage account. He would contact American and then report back to me within 5-7 business days confirming they would be returned to my account.

    To say the least, I was quite shocked to receive this e-mail. It has been my experience that after a call center rep repeatedly says that there "are no refunds" it is such a pain to actually get something reversed these days. Luckily, that was not the case here and I appreciate that the higher ups were able to take care of this. I feel bad that I did not let the process play out, which is unfair to Mags for Miles. I have let them know about my appreciation and anyone who reads this should know it was resolved fairly with them getting me my miles back. Thanks!

    Taking care of situations like this, will make me go back to them in the future should I want to actually order a magazine subscription.

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